Post 754: Andy has parking spot issues, too…

Maybe it’s the season. Andy’s having parking spot issues, too, with his brother Dougy.

Andy shoos Dougy away from his

Andy shoos Dougy away from his “parking spot”.

“And stay away…!” Andy has had it!


34 thoughts on “Post 754: Andy has parking spot issues, too…

    • I bought them through Amazon. I hope you are ready for endless play, especially if you get the BirBug. Gad! My cats highly recommend that one! They also really like the one that’s supposed to represent a centipede.

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      • Here’s the website for Neko, the manufacturer of these toys. You can buy them directly from them, too, though I haven’t. I don’t know if they have an outlet in your country, too. As formidable as these toys are (lazy Dougy learned how to open a light stand door to get at them…!), I’d think they’d be widely available because o f cat people like me telling other cat people how successful the toys are with their cats. In fact, I l;earned about them in the first place from a cat person, so there you go!

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      • Hope you have lots of spare time. Once your cats play with these toys, they become obsessed with them. Just this morning, Andy and Dougy played five separate times with Neko toys. I’d wear them out (that is, I wore myself out!), then I’d put it away. The boys’d rest a moment, then come over to the light stand where I have the toys stashed, whine and meow till I took the toys out again, and we’d repeat the play session. I think we’ve done more play-bonding with these Neko toys than any other toys I’ve bought for them. While here, make sure you have at least one replacement for the BirBug or whichever toy you get because they will wear these toys out playing with them, but not be tired of them.

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  1. That Andy (and Dougy also) is one beautiful kitty-or rather handsome fella. Look at those beautiful eyes and adorable face. Easy to loose your heart to those two faces.


  2. Cats do sometimes seem to have problems sharing, don’t they? But at other times they are probably inseperable. My own kitties used to bring me little gifts from time to time but sometimes the gifts were kind of disgusting — things like a dead mouse, etc.


    • I don’t get the gifts of dead things, mostly (I suppose!) because they are indoor cats and have few opportunities to catch live prey. That’s OK by me! My sister-in-law tells of a cat they had that kept bringing the same dead lizard into the house as a gift for her. She’d toss it back outside, and the cat didn’t stop bringing it till my sister-in-law buried it, if I recall the end of the story correctly. (My sister-in-law was disgusted with the “gift”, the cat seemed pleased to share it with her, and disappointed when she tossed it out.)

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