Post 312: Andy finds the catnip

I’ve given up trying to keep the boys off the table. Cats will be cats, and it’s easy enough to place a placemat or napkin under plates or food placed on the table. It’s part of the joys of having cats around!

I spilled a little catnip on the table this morning. I meant to put it on a napkin on the floor for the pleasure of the boys. Dougy had his fun there. Andy, little poop, decided to check out the source:

"Mmmm! A jar of catnip! I knew there was more somewhere!"

“Mmmm! A jar of catnip! I knew there was more somewhere!”

"Errrr...! I feel the glow!"

“Errrr…! I feel the glow!”

"Some over here...!"

“Some over here…!”

"Some over there...!"

“Some over there…!”

"Must...lie...down.... Wait! I am already!"

“Must…lie…down…. Wait! I am already!”

"Ummm.... Errr.... Whatza!? Ummm...!"

“Ummm…. Errr…. Whatza!? Ummm…!”

"I could go for some *Greenies...!"

“I could go for some *Greenies…!”

[*Greenies are a cat treat that Andy really, really, really likes.]

13 thoughts on “Post 312: Andy finds the catnip

    • Exactly! I don’t know what’s in them that’s so appealing, but Andy makes a special effort to tap me on the arm every morning at his established time for a treat of Greenies! He likes all flavors. Dougy is less interested in them, though he’ll eat them sometimes.

  1. Ha! Andy’s expression as he sits next to the jar of catnip is priceless!!! 😀
    And in that last photo, he looks like he could use a pick-me-up treat! Hope he got one! 🙂
    HUGS!!! for you!!!
    Gentle rubs for Andy and Dougy!!!

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