Post 323: Dougy sneaks a snooze…in ANDY’s tub!

I mentioned in Post 322 how Dougy sneaked a snooze in Andy’s tub, but Andy spotted him and got him to move out with “The Staredown”. It seems Dougy learned nothing from that encounter.

Andy's in his favorite cat tree spot, distracted by a noise outside

Andy’s in his favorite cat tree spot, distracted by a noise outside

Aw! To lean back and prepare for a snooze!

Aw! To lean back and prepare for a snooze!

Dougy spots an opportunity!

Dougy spots an opportunity!

Woo hoo! While Andy snoozes, Dougy heads for Andy's tub!

Woo hoo! While Andy snoozes, Dougy heads for Andy’s tub!

So close! So close!

So close! So close!

One foot inside...!

One foot inside…!

"Victory! Scootch down, and it is mine!"

“Victory! Scootch down, and it is mine!”

The Dougy has landed!

The Dougy has landed!

Andy's oblivious to the territorial breach...

Andy’s oblivious to the territorial breach…

...but not I: "J'accuse, Monsieur Chat! J'accuse!" Dougy's perfidy is called out!

…but not I: “J’accuse, Monsieur Chat! J’accuse!” Dougy’s perfidy is called out!

"Plumes de souris! Je suis coupable des chefs!" ~ What else could Dougy say?

“Plumes de souris! Je suis coupable des chefs!” ~ What else could Dougy say? *

* Dougy could say, “Mouse feathers! I am guilty as charged!” So Dougy took a nap in Andy’s tub. Why not? Andy was sound asleep in the cat tree…!

10 thoughts on “Post 323: Dougy sneaks a snooze…in ANDY’s tub!

  1. Ha! And Dougy was not expecting you to document the whole escapade with photos! (Great job!)
    Now you just show Andy the photos and Dougy will be in the Dog house! 😉 😀
    Their sweet faces just melt my heart! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

    • I roared in laughter when I pulled up the last two on my computer! Dougy looks exactly like the little kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

      What I liked best about these photos is that their natural color shows up correctly because I made the photos using available light.

      Flash photos and photos taken in artificial light show them in colors ranging from red to silver. Their hair has some unusual optical qualities that make it appear anywhere from silver to black to the eye.

      They are very sweet-dispositioned cats, pretty much the way they look in the photos and videos. Andy is a bit rougher on hands and brothers, thanks to a game I played with him when he was a kitten: “Got your tummy!” But, all you have to do to get either Dougy or Andy to be your best friend is scratch their ears or rub the bridge of their nose.

  2. Hey Pepi .. That was a pretty sly move on Dougy’s part .. Wow Can’t believe Andy missed that one .. I didn’t know you had a blog til the other night .. which is funny because I am just trying to get one started myself but I’ve had some technical problems with the name of it .. It will be interesting to see if I get a reply back from you .. I take that Andy is over his visit to the vet the other day and tummy is full and happy again / Talk soon . Sharon

    • Sharon – Andy’s acting like he feels better. The first day, I gave him an underdosage of his medication because of a misunderstanding on what that dosage was – the bottle label said 0.5ml, and I understood the veterinarian to say it was 0.05, quite a difference! Anyway, he’s had the correct 0.5ml dosage two days in a row now, ands does look and act better by a great deal. Let me know when you have your blog going because I know, absolutely know, I will like it! It’ll be another outlet for you videos, too. I think of that old tree down by the creek, which suggests some sort of continuity in your life, a metaphor, based on things you’ve said in videos. The gully was shaped by the creek. I kind of see the tree, the creek, Hobo, and as many cats as cooperate down along this spot in a photo that lends itself to a panorama. “Gully Times” might make a good headline with “10 cats, a dog, a cockatiel, and me” in the subhead, like I have “surviving retirement with two cats” for mine. When I started my blog in 2009, I didn’t really have much direction. I wouldn’t call it “weggieboy’s blog” today, but once you’ve named it, you kind of have to stick with it. I think I would call it “Doug, Andy, and Dougy – surviving retirement with two cats”. “10 cats and the rest of us – Life in the Gully” might be another thought. Whatever, make sure I know what it is so I don’t miss it! Thanks, Sharon!

      • Wow I need you to be my coach Pepi .. I find it hard just trying to reply back to you .. This time it said I’m using my acct..Log-out/change … Is there a reason I shouldn’t use it to reply to you ?
        I love your ideas but you always had a better waaaaaaay with words than I do ..No wonder the Boys look so damn intelligent ! ~lol ! I’m still working out some fine details for my blog . They had the name spelled wrong and it’s been an on going nightmare for me because I’m so technically challenge when It comes to computers .

      • It took me more than one try to get my blog going. I understand your anxiety!

        You can reply to me anyway that works for you! If I see it, I definitely will comment back, which will let you know you got through. I’m not sure why wordpress sends some into limbo till I approve them, but I finally realized how I got back to reply to those, some of which were months old and very thoughtful comments I regret took me so long to respond to…! I think I’m on track all around now. Most just show up on the blog by magic or something!

        Don’t worry about the words. Your videos are a delight! I’d concentrate of featuring those, with a few written comments about the featured cats, bird, or dog that add information about the personality of the featured animals. They have lots of personality, that’s for sure! The videos tell the story, but a short paragraph before the video plays that set the scene serve to pull people into the magic of the Gully and its denizens!

        Practice is a big part of improving writing skills. First, I write the rough draft, read it through once or twice to myself, do an edit check, make corrections it suggests if I like the suggestions, then rewrite those sentences I felt were awkward. When I read it out loud, it eventually feels comfortable, conversational because I rewrite those sections that are verbose and over-written, for example. I recall one I edited over 23 times before I fixed and rewrote all the stray ends to my liking. (It wouldn’t be a posting if I didn’t notice a grammatical error or a misspelling after I posted it all over the internet! Ha!)

        If you can’t read a sentence out loud without stumbling, it probably is a sentence that needs an edit! That’s probably the best single thing to keep in mind.

  3. So funny! I love it. It seems like Dougy and Andy have quite the sibling rivalry going on. I never realized that Dougy spoke french. 🙂

    Note: Playful Kitty has moved to . You can still follow using your reader, but you need to stop by and click the little blue button on the side bar. Thank you!

    • Dougy didn’t realize it either! I just liked the drama of “J’accuse!”, which, of course, required a French response. (Or whatever google translate gave me! I don’t speak it, though I can read it to some degree.) The “mouse” part of “mouse feathers” didn’t seem right to me, and “chef” seemed odd, too. On the other hand, I have a friend who lives in Paris. If I inadvertently created a goofy thing to have Dougy say, all the better. He’ll let me know! The intended translation was meant to add lightness to a grave breach of cat etiquette and Dougy’s effort to minimize his error!

      Thanks for the note on where Playful Kitty will be. I enjoy your blog, and would hate to miss it!

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