Post 1560: what Andy did after Dougy left the room…

Yes, Andy was chased away from the recliner yesterday by Dougy. But that wasn’t the end of the story! Here’s what Andy did once Dougy left the room!

I’d say things worked out just fine. Happy Caturday to you!

Post 1579: I thought it was a meatloaf…!

I mean it moved like a meatloaf! Then something happened….

Yeah, Andy showed up and the “meatloaf” moved! In fact, it chased Andy off the recliner. Of course!

Andy chased, Dougy returns to the recliner.


Yeah, you big meanie! You should feel ashamed! Andy wasn’t even in your zone and he was minding his business when you chased him!


Dougy has the recliner and that’s all he cares about. In a short time, he will transform again into a meatloaf.

Post 1349: Trespassing forbidden!

Andy and Dougy regularly spar over places they claim.


Dougy’s enjoying a quiet moment on his ottoman.


What?! What!? What!? Dougy’s kitty sense is tingling…


Dougy steps down to “discuss” the rules around his ottoman. (Technically, Andy hasn’t trespassed, just stepped “too close” to it, as defined by Dougy. That distance changes on Dougy’s whims….)

Dougy feels he’s made his point, so goes off for some kitty food. When he comes back, Andy is positioned to take a run through “Ottomanlandia”, which he does and succeeds!IMG_20170330_042117

Shortly after, Dougy follows him into the guest bedroom, where they both share a snooze on the guest bed. The kitty boys are brothers after all!

Post 960: window kitty…

My neighbor said he’d put up the bird feeder outside my window for my boys, and, nice guy that he is, he did just that! 

It takes birds a bit of time to find the feeder in the first place, then determine that it is safe to come in to feed.

andy in window 113015 c

Andy waits for those fat, juicy tidbits to fly in!

You wouldn’t think having a big black kitty staring at you from the inside of the window would inspire confidence, yet the birdies throw caution to the wind and fly in for a little treat. 

Andy will be there…!



Post 935: Unh oh! It’s “kitties to the groomer day” again!

It’s almost time to round up Andy and Dougy to take them to the groomer for their bi-monthly grooming session. 

I’ve taken the usual precautions: 1. I haven’t put on clothes they know I wear outside the house, 2. I’ve closed all the bedroom doors to prevent under-the-bed escapes, 3. I’ve tried to follow normal routines, like getting on the computer right off, to reduce the chances the boys will get suspicious.

Andy is suspicious anyway...!

Andy is suspicious anyway…!

Catching the first cat usually is simple. It’s that second capture that usually stresses out the cat and me: You don’t have to draw pretty picture for the second scat to figure out there’s a carrier trip — it doesn’t matter where — in his future, and he will take an even stealthier approach to capture.

Wish me luck!


I easily captured Andy over by the cat fountain. Silly boy! He practically trapped himself in a corner.

Then I followed Dougy into the bathroom. “As long as I’m here,” I thought, “I may as well use the bathroom, too,” (I know! I know! Too much information!)

Seated on the throne, I noticed Dougy’d hidden under a chair next to the dryer. He was within arm’s reach of me, so I leaned over, grabbed him, then worked through the problem of pulling up my pants while holding a cat that didn’t want to be held…!

I somehow managed the task, put Dougy in the carrier with his brother, and we arrived at the groomer’s one minute before the appointment time of 7:30. I call that a successful start to the day.

Post 901: quiet morning…

Any other day, Andy would have fits if he spotted Dougy on top of his favorite blue carrier. Not today. Guess it’s too early in the morning to be confrontational!andy and dougy

Post 893: happy kitty, new box…and a fly, too!

A new development: a fly got in the house. Boy oh boy! The kitties are in hunt mode now, swatting at the fly when it flies by, performing amazing acrobatic leaps into the air, and generally getting lots of healthy exercise, something inside pampered kitties can always use more of!


The boys’ favorite people are delivery people, especially those who leave boxes. Such a person visited yesterday, and Dougy quickly claimed his new box!

Woohoo! A new box for Dougy!

Woohoo! A new box for Dougy!

Andy is unhappy because he didn't claim the box first...

Andy is unhappy because he didn’t claim the box first…but there always is the fly!

“Tough stuff, brother! I was here first!”

Dougy doses in the luxury of his new box:

Dougy dozes in the luxury of his new box: “Life is good!” he thinks, “And it doesn’t have to get better than this!”

Post 888: Watch out, Dougy!

Andy’s feeling his oats today. Dougy better get your “A” game on because Andy’s waiting to chase you!

“Where is that rascal?”
Andy wants to romp today!

Careful for what you wish, Andrew!!

Careful for what you wish, Andrew!!

“Uh oh…!”
Andy realizes something too late.

The boys had their tussle. A little kitty fur was pulled. There was some serious chasing going on. Dougy had his “A” game on and Andy got more than he planned for!

(Don’t worry! They made up and are being nice to each other again.)

Post 873: Andy’s busy morning….

Andy’s on the prowl this morning. He doesn’t know what he wants, but when he finds it…! Yes, he’ll know it!

Not in the kitchen...

“Not in the kitchen…”

“Maybe it’s in here.”
Andy tries the front room.

“Yes! I have found it!”
The old reliable wastepaper basket overturned!

Post 870: Dougy — bullyboy or rough house player…?

Poor Andy! He and Dougy had a disagreement of some sort today and Andy spent most of the day avoiding his brother or hiding up high.

Andy spent a lot of the day on top of my dresser.

Andy spent a lot of the day on top of my dresser.

Dougy was on the prowl...!

Dougy was on the prowl…!

I hope the boys work it out by tomorrow morning because they have an appointment with their groomer and they have a reputation for being good boys….