Post 354: Sox’s new toy

This is a lazy day post because I have several things to take care of outside the house today.

The boys have their semi-monthly day at the “cat spa”, where they’ll be washed, trimmed, and turned into pretty boys for a short time before their normal cat activities muss up the froufrou their groomers work so hard to do. Yes, they will look like normal cats minutes after I bring them home!

I talk with my financial advisor a bit later this morning. I’m doing OK in this matter, so don’t have to fight my cats for food yet. 😉

Then, I’ll spend the afternoon at the military museum.

What I have to give you today, though, is a photo of my boys’ cat-cousin Sox (my Seattle sister’s boy) with his cat lounger and a new favorite toy, a toilet paper tube cut on the ends to… well, you can see it in the photo! Sox is one handsome boy, eh?!

Cat-cousin Sox stalks the toilet paper tube critter...

Cat-cousin Sox stalks the toilet paper tube critter…

He’s a tuxedo cat, something you can’t tell in the photo, and is a particularly beautiful example of that type of cat. I don’t say that because he’s my cat-nephew. It’s just the truth! Hey, here’s a second photo of Sox:

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

Cat-cousin Sox, a real fox!

I especially like his white whiskers!

6 thoughts on “Post 354: Sox’s new toy

    • They come back prettier and smelling nice, too, a light soapy smell. They waste no time running out of the carrier when I open it at home, though! Their groomer says they were good boys, and Andy didn’t get quite as bored and fussy as he sometimes does. Of course, they finished the session an hour earlier than usual!

      As for adopting you, I suspect you might feel a bit self-conscious when they give you the bath because there is a window behind the basin, a large window, and everyone coming into the shop can see the action! 😉

    • Like my cats, brothers that look similar, Sox has a brother who looks a lot like him, only (as I understand it) is semi-feral and looking it. Sox gets to go outside in the morning, but spends most of the day inside. AND, yes, Sox is a pretty cat!

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