Post 386: What’s the kerfuffle about this time, boys?

Yesterday afternoon was exciting times for the boys. The UPS delivery person brought a package. Both Andy and Dougy had to know what was in it.

Boys! Boys! Boys! Wait a moment and I'll have it unwrapped so you both can see!

Boys! Boys! Boys! Wait a moment and I’ll have it unwrapped so you both can see!

Dougy won that round, and wasted no time examining the bubble-wrapped contents of the box.

Peek-a-boo! Dougy examines the bubble-wrapped flats.

Peek-a-boo! Dougy examines the bubble-wrapped flats.

My boy Andy used the lull in the conflict to do the one thing both brothers wanted most to do:

Just right!

Just right!

Yes, he tried out the box.

What’s the kerfuffle about this time, boys? Little did they know it was an order of canned cat food. The whole package was for them!

10 thoughts on “Post 386: What’s the kerfuffle about this time, boys?

  1. Ali is the same way about there digestive tract and I am not sure why.
    All she can eat is Iams wet and dry.
    Anything else makes her produce nasty hair balls, and long haired black cats makes nasty hairballs.
    Have a good rest of the week end.

  2. Love the shot of Dougy peeking in through the bubble wrap.
    Now Ali says Andy has the right idea and it is not what cam win the box but what the box itself that is important.
    Lucky boys getting their kitty food delivered.

    • Keen observation on the box! Andy, Dougy, and I agree. 🙂

      The boys had digestive issues when they were kittens, thanks to an infection with an amoebic parasite they and their brother and sister caught when they ate an infected grasshopper. (…!) The main effect was diarrhea, not a pretty thing in long-haired cats! I gave them more baths when they were kittens than they want to remember.

      I was especially pleased with both the Dougy photo of him looking through the packaging and Andy in the packaging. I had good light for both, and Andy’s turned out especially portrait-like. If I were better on Photoshop, I’d work to lighten the area with Dougy so his beautiful orange eyes were brighter. It still captures the spirit of the moment when the package came, and the boys trampled me to sniff out every and anything associated with it! (That’s a big part of the fun of getting packages, even if it isn’t for them: They are right there, getting in the way!)

      Anyway, because of their sensitive stomachs, I researched available brands of cat food for what seemed best for them, and it had to be ordered off the internet since it isn’t available in town. Most of their diet is dry food formulated for adult indoor cats between one and six years of age. I keep plenty of water available for them, and both are very good about drinking as much as they need. (That’s based on what I scoop out of their litter boxes! I’m a bit of a cat poop analyst since their diarrhea days!) I get the Science Diet dry cat food from their veterinarian’s clinic.

      They only eat about an ounce each of the canned food per day. It is Wellness brand, and has no gluten, artificial additives, or vegetables. (Seems like it has other qualities, too, but they escape me just now.) I don’t get the kind in gravy or the shredded tuna because they lick the juices/gravy up, and leave the rest. Their predecessor, Louie, used to do the same with his wet food. (Louie got the fancy Science Diet dry food, but wouldn’t eat the Science Diet wet. I got him a medium-priced canned food after experimenting to find one he liked, though the brand escapes me now. Apparently that was the type he was fed before I got him from the shelter.) He could pack a lot of food away (as a nearly 24 pound large cat), so it was nice he liked the lower-priced wet food! He preferred wet to dry.

      I also give them Greenies treats each day. Looking at the label, they have lots of stuff that I avoid in the other two foods they get, but they love this particular treat, which comes in many flavors.

  3. Thanks! I’m glad Andy and Dougy do do things of interest because I am largely dull and uninteresting! 😉
    I was pleased the package came yesterday because I couldn’t think of a thing to put up for today before that.

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