Post 415: reblog of gpcox’s “Arlington Cemetery, 150 Years”

I can’t think of any better way to emphasize the significance of Memorial Day than to reblog gpcox’s post for today. His postings always are interesting for their historic relevance and insights into war. I recommend you take a bit of time to read through a few, maybe even subscribe to this blog, as part of your Memorial Day observances.

3 thoughts on “Post 415: reblog of gpcox’s “Arlington Cemetery, 150 Years”

  1. Thank you for helping to spread the word about a somber Memorial Day. I greatly appreciate your friendship.

    [off topic – I happened to be on your About page and noticed I had first said hello to you 8 June 2013, we’re due for an anniversary of sorts! How about a toast! >-I ]

    • I have a small stash of single malt Scotch in my cupboard that never comes out for lack of cause for celebration. I think you just gave me one! I’ll make a note to do this on June 8th! I’ve been working through your earliest blogs today, as I suggested in my reblog others do. It is sobering and informative to have Smitty’s first hand accounts to augment the general history of the Pacific campaign. His remark about flamethrowers and burning flesh was especially haunting. Gad!

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