Post 414: killer instincts

I accidentally let in a miller when I took out the trash this morning. The boys may have been sleepy up to that point (a bit after 4 AM), but the moment Andy first noticed a live moth in the room, mayhem ensued.

Yep, mayhem ensued!

Andy chased the miller to the top of the cat tree, where he pounced and pinned it. The carpet on the cat tree apparently gave the miller just enough wiggle room, though, to escape my little predator’s razor claws of death. Mrow!

They call this "foreshadowing"!

They call this “foreshadowing”!

Off it flew, a bit battered but — better believe it — a bit smarter!

But not smart enough! Dougy spotted the miller on the wall by the dining room table, and chased it onto the table, where it landed on top of a precariously piled stack of periodicals.

Dougy, no petite cat, then prowled around on the tabletop till his perilous pawhold on a clutter of papers and things yielded to an opportunity to knock things over or to pounce the prey he and Andy positively would eat raw if possible!

POW! Another pouncing claw of death descended on the pitiful, poor prey!

But this time, Dougy caught the little bugger! And promptly chewed it up and swallowed it. Right in front of Andy! Andy was scandalized, though I’m sure he wouldn’t save a nibble or two for his brother either. Not if that nibble was a juicy miller moth! Nope! Not a juicy miller!

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license.	Flag of the United States.svg Attribution: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license.
Attribution: Whitney Cranshaw, Colorado State University,

The miller is the adult form of the notorious garden pest, the army cutworm, so I approve of this recidivist behavior in my cats: Once a killer, always a killer, eh!?

Good boys! The miller slipped into the house slightly after 4 AM, and the boys chased, pounced, captured, and ate it, all within five minutes! You get the next one, Andy. Promise!

4 thoughts on “Post 414: killer instincts

  1. You’ll have no need of an exterminator with those two around, but you obviously have to walk around with a camera around your neck! Those 2 are always up to something!

    • There is something to that…! Generally, though, they are their most amusing when they are in dark parts of the apartment where I can’t get decent videos or photos of them. Sometimes it works to have bad light. The “Dagnab fly” video (above in last comment) is one example where the strong backlight ruined any possibility of a nicely exposed video, but added something else worth a look. “Something else” is intangible, but I thought the effect was interesting.

  2. Now there is a couple of good hunters.
    Ali climbs the walls going after moths and flies.
    Usually catches them, plays with them, and lets them go, to recatch them and torture them some more, before eating them.
    She is a bit sadistic and sometimes I feel sorry for the bug and kill it.

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