Mews: Pizza Cats? Pizza Hut Japan has them!

Ok, ok! You think there are too many cats on the Internet, so why are you here?


Hi everyone,

We just came across these really cute and funny Pizza Cat adverts from Japan! A must watch! 🙂

It sure was an amazing idea of Pizza Hut to combine PIZZA with CATS as this covers probably about 99% of our population??? 😀

The campaign sees the four-footed quartet – aka Tencho, Hime, Dora and Detch – running a Pizza Hut-inspired restaurant named Pizza Cats all by themselves.

Meet the cast of Pizza Hut Japan's new ad campaign...
These cats are running PIzza Hut now. Or at least they are in Japan. (Picture: Pizza Hut/YouTube)

We first meet them in the launch commercial – but there are now TWELVE of these featuring them showing off their restaurant-running talents. Do I dare to say I would like to hire them? Who wouldn’t a cuddly Pizza making gang at home!

Taking orders? Not a small task for cats!:

Oh and don’t forget the reports :O:

Floor cleaning Japanese style LOL:

And managing…

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6 thoughts on “Mews: Pizza Cats? Pizza Hut Japan has them!

    • Mine have been naughty the past day or so. Andy managed to avoid his medication altogether yesterday, and seems bent on thwarting today’s efforts to dose him, too…! I could go for a little more “docile” and less “independent” for about five minutes. 🙂

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