Post 528: naughty cats

I know I put a happy face on the boys’ behavior, but they can be little poops when they want to be.

Dougy is a terrible furniture scratcher, though I have several scratching posts stationed throughout the apartment, including next to the furniture he likes to assault.

work on being cute

Yeah. “Cute”, Dougy. “Cute”!

But what about Andy? Sweet, kitten-faced Andy? Andy, named after the Apostle Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland? The sick little kittycat?

Well, for a cat with a heart murmur and high blood pressure that’s treated with daily doses of medicine, he can run and hide like hell. Bad boy! To think my after-medicating ritual is to whisper “What a good boy!” over and over in his ear while I gently massage his shoulders! Well, there were no kitty treats dispensed yesterday, let me tell you!

What of Andy?

“But I don’t want to take my medicine…!”

All week, each time I finally caught him got later and later. He even managed to go all day yesterday without his medicine. Come to think of it, it’s 7:23, I don’t know where the little rascal is, and he still hasn’t had his medicine.

xxxxxxxxx =(>+<)= xxxxxxxxx

UPDATE: Andy got his dose of medicine at approximately 7:50 AM. He fell for the old “Want to play with wand toys, boys?” strategy. He took it like a big boy, so I stroked his ears, told him he was a good boy, and massaged his shoulders. He got kitty treats today!

8 thoughts on “Post 528: naughty cats

  1. Oh man our little balls of fur can really pull our chain.
    Love those adorable faces even though they have been busy driving you up the wall.
    Ali is on day 2 of weaning down fem 25 mgs prednisone to 20 mgs and she is doing so good.
    I know it is early but I am hopeful.

    • That’s good to know, Ruth! I hope this is coming to an end for the poor kitty. SHe’s really had some rough times lately. Anyway, they absolutely know all my buttons, and generally get what they want…NOW!

  2. I thought you might like to know I heard very good reports of this food. People say that the cats will even eat it if they get sick and won’t eat anything else. I think part of the reason is it doesn’t have grain as grain is said to be not good for cats yet it is in many cat foods.

    I found out that there is a great need to be careful with what they are feed – and this is horrible but sadly true – as many petsfood contain euthanized pets from the shelters. As they are klling 10,000 a day and they have to put the bodies somewhere, that makes sense.

    There is of course disinformation on the internet claiming that this isn’t true, but plenty of evidence that there is, including admissions.

    Anyway, here’s the food they love. It seems quite cheap in the larger boxes with free delivery.

    • I’ll keep this in mind. I have a lot of wet cat food on hand, so won’t be ordering any until December (perhaps…). I have a bit of a problem with wet foods in gravy because every cat I’ve ever had (including Andy and Dougy ate the gravy and left the chunks. I have plenty of time to research this, though, and thanks for the suggestion! You never know. It might be the thing the boys like better than the wet food they now eat.

      • I think that’s probably true. My cat certainly used to do that. One of our most popular cat foods, Whiskas, became disgusting in the last few years and cats wouldn’t touch it, just lick the gravy off. I think that’s because of what the chunks are actually made of. Cats are fussy eaters and it’s so wrong of these horrible companies to give them the junk that they put in pet food. After all, it is not exactly cheap either.

        • Fussy eaters for sure! I’ve given the local shelter so pretty fancy cat foods that the boys wouldn’t eat. They like Wellness brand wet and Science Diet dry for adult cats. Frankly, there is as much confusion about what’s good nutritionally for one’s pets as there is for oneself. I am feeding Andy and Dougy premium foods, but their predecessor, Louie, was a pound cat that I adopted. He would only eat cheap catfood, probably because whoever had him before me fed him that instead of something more high end. I tried to change him over to something better for him, a wet food recommended by his veterinarian, but he refused to eat it.

          • I’m no expert on such things and I don’t taste it. Unfortunately, for someone who wants to do what’s best for his pets, the answer isn’t as straight forward as one would hope. I bet I could go to any other veterinarian in town, and he or she would tell me different things about what my boys should or shouldn’t eat. The boys’ veterinarian doesn’t recommend beef for cats because it isn’t a natural food for them, yet you see beef in many catfoods. Of course, I am unaware of cats operating fishing fleets in the dawn of cathood to catch tuna on the high seas, yet that’s a food they undeniably like. (I don’t feed them much seafood because of mercury concerns, just as I don’t eat much of it for my concern about my own safety>)

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