Post 910: Andy’s looking different today… Surreally?!

Low light and PhotoShop make for odd results. Here are three looks at Andy, taken in very low light without a flash, then heavily manipulated to find anything of interest.

electric andy 3

Pointillistic Andy in the shade. Get the point?

electric andy

Solarized Andy in a bit more light. Hey, great detail in the carpet! LOL!

electric andy 2

Detached Andy floats slightly above the floor, but you can see some eyes in this one. And his horns…!

Yes, Taking photos of black kitties is a challenge!

17 thoughts on “Post 910: Andy’s looking different today… Surreally?!

  1. haha….it’s hard pizaping a black thing. I know because of Shoko’s face and ears….black as black can be. I thought it would be easier to put both girls on a black sheet and just lift them. Kali was great but I couldn’t see where Shoko’s ears stopped so some ears are way bigger than the others. I’ll have to change Shoko to a white background.


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