Post 530: tactics and adjustments

Andy and Dougy get along very well together, but they are siblings. SIblings have to establish things like which one Mom loved best, who got the best toys, and whose tub is it anyway?

Yes, Andy invaded Dougy’s tub yesterday afternoon, took a short snooze, then hopped out when he heard his brother coming around the recliner. In the process, Andy knocked Dougy’s tub off that nasty box I haven’t been able to get away from Dougy, who loves, loves, loves it for play, topside, inside, and along side. Gad, it’s an eyesore! But I digress: Dougy had to make adjustments.

Tub's on the floor. Dougy decides it still works as a place to laze.

Tub’s on the floor. Dougy decides it still works as a place to laze. (I look forward to the day I can slip that box into the trash…!)

Comfy! But something's wrong here. Very wrong.

Comfy! But something’s wrong here. Very wrong.

Dougy snuggled into his tub for a short time, but it just isn’t the same experience when it’s on the floor! He was observed from the back of the front room. It made no tactical sense to Dougy to be comfortable on the floor. The whole point of the box is height, if only a little. Yeah, just high enough to pounce down on Andy when he walks by minding his own business. (Oh, sure!) POW!

How better to reposition himself to his advantage AND to get Andy’s goat? Take over Andy’s favorite perch, the end table by the glider. He made his move.

>SNIFF<  Yep, Andy's been here!

>SNIFF< Yep, Andy’s been here!

In the meantime, Andy noticed Dougy making a tactical move…

Andy stealthily watches from the cat lounger. He can't believe his brother's effrontery!

Andy stealthily watches from the cat lounger. He can’t believe his brother’s effrontery!


“Mine!” Dougy loves Andy’s perch!

Now it’s Andy’s turn to play tactics and force Dougy to make some adjustments! In the meantime, he decides to lounge on top of his favorite high spot, the cat carrier on the settee Dougy likes to scratch. “I’ll show brother…after I take a nap!”






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