Post 602: Dougy demands a good scritching.

Dougy is a sweet little guy, but, as a cat, he has high expectations of his human: When Dougy wants a good scritching, his human better comply! NOW!

I felt you deserved a longer than usual video today since I skipped yesterday’s post. Hope you enjoyed a kittycat-laced musical interlude!


12 thoughts on “Post 602: Dougy demands a good scritching.

  1. Great! In my next life I wonna be a cat!
    I let my husband watch this video, and he wondered, why Andy didn’t intervene…:))
    This video shows again how beautiful and well-cared your kitties are. What a shiny coat!


    • Andy is less social than his attention hog brother. if he did show up, he would have batted at Dougy from the top shelf of the desk, just to me a pest. I hope I take the best care of them, at least I try. I pay attention to the instructions their veterinarian gives me, and buy high quality food for them.

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    • And how! Dougy came around three times while I was putting the edit together, then the post on my blog. After he extracted a little “wuvving”, he hopped of the desk, and went off somewhere to do kitty things. (“Don’t ask, don’t tell”, so far as neutered cats can fit that paradigm.)

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