Post 1379: “Really, I’m not begging!”

I fix the kitty boy’s breakfast before I fix mine because Andy’s a little beggar. But he pretends he’s not, mewing little kitty mews under his breath, hoping for a handout without being too obvious about it. But he is! LOL!


Of course, Dougy doesn’t beg, either!

25 thoughts on “Post 1379: “Really, I’m not begging!”

    • That’s the silly part about it: Neither Dougy nor Andy will eat people food if offered it, which I do to emphasize it isn’t what they like. The tuna water and melted butter on my dirty plate after breakfast are the only things either will eat, but those are rare treats. It just isn’t healthy to make either a regular thing in their diets.

    • Great idea, isn’t it? I know if I prepared my meals before feeding them, I’d have more overt begging, with claw action. The kitty boys don’t mess around when it comes to eats!

  1. I always give my kitties breakfast first or they would drive me crazy. They still bug me for my butter though.

    • Yeah, Andy loves butter, too! Dougy is pretty good about sticking to kitty foods. I try not to fall for their begging, but, as noted in my response to John elsewhere, it is hard!

    • Thy’d probably tolerate it, but they are a bit fussy about PDA’s LOL! (It takes a lot of self-control not to give in to their begging, I guarantee, John!)

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