25Aug21: snow day; play day; wash day; the hunt…

Snow and cats….

Andy had some health issues back then. Here, he plays with a peacock feather.

Andy washes up.

What’s for supper, one hopes?


8 thoughts on “25Aug21: snow day; play day; wash day; the hunt…

  1. Although Andy was somewhat sick in 2014 , he has quickly healed . Some workout with the peacock feather helped . He as only one regret to not have had a sparrow stew ! 🙂
    My neighbour’ s cat catches sparrow and mice etc … It is a hunter.
    Do you think Andy is a hunter Dug?
    In friendship

    • Michel, if he were an outside kitty, I know he’d hide in the yellow climbing rose bush outside the bathroom window or the fir tree in the backyard to hunt birds. I don’t know if he’d be bold enough to hunt the cottontail rabbits or squirrels that come around, but I bet he’d think about it!

    • Always glad people – you – enjoy them! I’ve nearly exhausted my supply of videos, but there are enough left for a few more days.

  2. I remember that snowstorm video. Cats love to watch the flakes come down. These are wonderful videos, Doug, and I am glad you have them and share them with readers. You and Andy have a good day.

    It’s cooler here for the time being. I wonder if we will get any snow here this year?

    • I know II will want the heat of summer in a few months, but I’m ready for some cool weather now. Snow is nice when I don’t have to drive in it.

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