Post 721: Andy and Dougy aren’t doing much today…

I got Andy’s daily dose of medicine out of the way early today when he forgot to watch his tail. Aha! Gotcha!

I was nearly as surprised as he was, the capture happened so fast and easily.

Andy was a good kitty today when I gave him his medicine. "Where's my kitty treats!?"  Yes, here he waits to get the treats for being a good boy, which he is!

Andy was a good kitty today when I gave him his medicine.
“Where’s my kitty treats!?”
Yes, here he waits to get the treats for being a good boy!

Earlier, Andy was excited about the birds across the lane at the feeder. He paced the window sill and acted like he was about to make a screen climb, one of his bad habits. Now, he’s asleep on top of the blue carrier on the settee, his favorite perch.

Lately, Dougy's  been sleeping in the cat tree, but that isn't where he is now.

Lately, Dougy’s been sleeping in the cat tree, but that isn’t where he is now.

Dougy insisted on a little Neko toy time, and I wore him out early. He is dozing someplace, living up to his kind’s crepuscular nature.  

Yes, Andy and Dougy aren’t doing much because it’s a cool, lazy sort of day.

27 thoughts on “Post 721: Andy and Dougy aren’t doing much today…

  1. Andy is lovely… And so is Dougy! <3
    Which is the same of those kind of cats, generally speaking?….
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead. Best wishes!!!! Aquileana :star:

    • I can’t guess what happened. I’m not sure what you mean: Were you following this and somehow got “unfollowed” or was it me following you getting “unfollowed”?

      Looking through the blogs you have up, I saw several I wasn’t following that I am now, and a few that I was already following. You have so many different ones that I can’t say for sure if I found any I was following that I wasn’t registering as following or not.

        • I’d think you’d do it just once on one of them. Of course, any you missed and wanted to see before (and if…!) they start showing up in your email notifications, you’d have to manually go through while on my blog. It’s pretty tedious!

        • WOW! I can’t imagine cat toys getting tariff protection or whatever it might be. (English cat toys protected from Japanese competition…!) I’d be writing my MP about it, asking for an explanation. I’m almost serious! Whatever the difference is, the reason for the price differential, I can’t imagine anything in particular that’d add that much more to the cost of an already pricey toy except taxes or government policy brought about by the lobbying of the indigenous cat toy industry.

          • Angel got one too 🙂 and yeah it’s the annoying thing with importing stuff. We often get the cheap Chinese stuff here as quality products from the western world or Japan cost an arm and a leg LOL. Hence why my suitcase is full with kitty toys when I come back from the US. As will be this year from Orlando 😀

    • That must be interesting explaining to customs people! Good thing you’ve established your cat person bona fides on the Internet so they can verify easily you have a legitimate need for $500 worth of cat toys. LOL! I bet your cats love seeing you come home!

  2. Those tails will get you every time! I’m glad that Andy took his medicine like a good boy. I hope that he stays nice and healthy for a long time. Dougy is very lucky to have a wonderful cat tree to snuggle up in. 🙂

    • He got his medicine before breakfast today, which surprised him as much as me…! Make hay when the sun shines, and I saw an easy opportunity to snatch him up to do the deed. (He didn’t even protest like he usually does — one little sad meow — it happened so fast.)

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