Post 733: No e-mail yet and other miseries…!

I’m without g-mail for the time being, and that means I may not know about your comments or see them. I’m re-learning how to use this site…without the helpful, familiar landmarks…and hope to figure out how to access your comments, soon.

The main thing,I don’t want anyone to think I’m disinterested in your comments or that I’m ignoring you. More often than not, the comments are a big part of the fun of doing this blog!  

Andy feels a bit sleepy from all the stress of protyecting his box. "Where is that dang brother of mine!? I know he wants to take my box...!"

Andy (above) and Dougy continue to be entertaining parts of my day. 

71 thoughts on “Post 733: No e-mail yet and other miseries…!

  1. Another way to see your activity on your site is to check the Notifications – that little star, plus sign or caption cloud that lights up on the top-right of your page. (or bell, if you are on the Reader)

    • I’d hoped the laptop was the panacea for my miseries, but it proved to be a false hope! Anyway, for the time being, I have both PC and laptop, neither in prime usable configuration. BUT, such as they are, they are better than nothing, which is pretty darn close to what they are., LOL!

      • Geesh, what a pain but i suppose they still charged you for not fixing your computers! Ugh, techno is great when it works but when it doesn’t, its just a nightmare as if we need one more avenue of stressors to get through the day. I know I find my computer as a means of escape from my ailments. It takes my mind off of everything and distracts me from the pain. I pray you can get this all sorted out quickly!

    • Me, too! I am not interested in the mechanics of how the work, just if they work. This re-setting stage is tedious to me, though several people have mentioned things that may save me the hassles of re-installing programs that don’t do much more than the things canned programs already on the computer can do. I don’t need “fancy”. I just need “do-able”!

    • Amen! I just learned today about the bell icon at the top right hand of the page when you have your”My Site” page open. It’s a much faster way to address comments than e-mail, and you actually get them! You should take a look and see if you like it better, too.

      • I stumbled on it last year by sheer accident. That’s the only way I would have ever found it. The only problem is that when I type too fast, it can’t handle all the letters. Then I hav to go back, look for all th red lines, andfill in the letters. 🙂

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