Post 753: lose-lose-win…

I looked out my front door this morning, and my new neighbor still isn’t moved in. I’m glad I stopped parking in my old spot immediately after he told me he expected me to give up that spot I’ve parked in for the past 10-plus years. [sarcasm]

Dougy checks the parking situation.

Dougy checks the parking situation.

The other person who used to park where I park now moved to a public parking spot half a block away, so I should whine:  I only have to walk twice as far to my door.

Gad, I'm special! But notice the person eager for me to give up my 10-year-plus parking spot isn't there yet after several days.

Gad, I’m special! But notice the person eager for me to give up my 10-year-plus parking spot isn’t moved in yet after several days. I hope I get extra credit for hopping when told to hop, even though my attitude about it is pretty poor!

I sent the manager of the apartments an e-mail yesterday outlining my long-term disappointment and frustration with the parking situation. I offered a suggestion that would resolve the issue for me, at my expense but for my benefit  and the benefit of the other person who was parking where my car is parked now. We’ll see where that goes.

In the meantime, I do have some hard feelings about the situation and how it was handled, but am trying to find a positive way to deal with it, one where everyone wins instead of two lose, one wins.  

Maybe this makes it clearer: That's my car circled in white in this old Google Earth shot. The red circle is where I have to park now. My duplex (

Maybe this makes it clearer: That’s my car circled in white in this old Google Earth shot. The red circle is where I have to park now. My duplex (“me”- on the roof across the lane) is closer to this parking spot than the one  the “other neighbor” who used to park next to me is to where she parks now. She is designated in yellow on the photo. Notice her new parking spot is at the top of the photo, and there is nothing sure about her being able to get that specific spot each time. If anything, she could get stuck farther away from her front door more often than closer. The new neighbor is the blue pentagon, and he’ll park where my white circle is. He, at least, will be closer to his front door this way. My other neighbor and I will be inconveniently farther away than before.

Before, I had approximately 32 feet (9.745m) from my car to my front door; now I have around 50 feet (15.24m). The other person in my duplex used to have approximately 100 ft. (30.48m) from her car to her front door; now, she has over 250 feet (76.2m) from her car to her front door. Those numbers presume we always walk pretty much a straight line from out parking spots, something that isn’t practical or always possible.

Notice, too, how many units have paved parking in front of them on Lane 1 (to the left side of photo). If I had to park in the south lot (bottom of photo), which I did at one time when they were installing the new units, I’d have to park in the middle spots because other people take the spots closer to their apartments. (Of course!)

20 thoughts on “Post 753: lose-lose-win…

  1. I’ve never been able to understand why developers/unit managers don’t understand that people want/need to park as close to where they live as possible. They seem to think that as long as they have the correct number of spots all is well.

    • Another thing they don’t get is people have friends and service people from the cable company, etc., come over, and these people need a spot to park as well. (Not where the residents park…!)

  2. What a mess! I’m never again going to complain about having to walk up 21 steps from my garage to my front door! A friend of mine’s landlord kicked her out of any parking spot in the building and she now parks in the street in an area with very limited parking. I feel fortunate. I understand being reluctant to get a handicap plaque but this might be the time if you qualify.

    • My general physical condition may make it inevitable. I put it off because I have to go through a bit of paperwork and a doctor’s appointment to get the process initiated, and the clinic involves a long walk from the parking lot, ironically….!

    • Parking brings out the bad side of many neighbors, myself included. I am bitter about this situation and am trying not to let it dominate me and my thoughts. (With some success…!)

  3. That new neighbor has a lot of new claiming owner ship and are the parking spaces designated or is it just who ends up where.
    So that parking spot is next to his door? Then the spot next to your door should be for you to park.
    Seems simple to me and I think Dougy would agree.
    I hope that this can be fixed to benefit all.

    • Unfortunately, the spot he claimed is closer to his door AND mine, but the parking spot is on his side of the lane. That gives a sense of belonging to that unit though it predates when that unit even existed.

    • Yes, I remember parking wars among people living in government housing when I was in the US Army. I think it is a classic issue for people in apartments. Though the parking spots aren’t reserved for anyone and, theoretically, anyone can use an open spot, the reality of parking in a senior housing block is many of those spots are used by people with physical limitations, so parking in an alternative, farther away spot may not be a happy option.

  4. That is one of the stupidest parking set ups I have ever seen. Who would build apartments without accessible parking for all units? Many folks are handicapped and I can only see one or two spots that would qualify for handicapped. Its illegal and you should turn the owner in for non-compliance to Disability laws. No one understands what it takes to get from one’s car to the front door when disabled, especially if you are carrying anything. It is a herculean task to do everyday chores. Why does the returning neighbor expect you to vacate your spot? Tell him or her, No, sorry but I am disabled and I cannot walk long distances. You must fight for yourself because no one else is going to come to the rescue, believe me. I am trying to get a ramp put on my trailer just to be able to get in and out of it and the process has been ridiculous and non doable at this point. If your landlord does not agree to your arrangement then it is time to play hardball and bring the law into it. I wonder how many other building code violations he has other than the lack of handicapped parking?

    • Tina, I’ve given the manager a reasonable option that would satisfy two parties specifically and the third party to some extent (better than the current options she has). I agree that there may be some violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act here, and I have my lawyer’s phone number on my cellphone if the manager doesn’t give me some reasonable answers. Yes, it is a jackass arrangement here for parking. As far as I’m concerned, they should never rent an apartment without a on-site designated parking spot to anyone with a disability or car (for that matter) since the reality is most people have some limitation once they pass into old age.

      • Im glad you are your own warrior Doug. I never went through a lawyer but I contacted people in Washington to get things accomplished for my mom. Now that it is my turn, I just have no fight left so I am happy that you do. I will keep your situation in prayer.

    • The newcomer has handicap plates on his car. He appears not to be disabled in anyway (especially compared to me) but his wife, whom I’ve not seen yet, might be. In that sense, I can be a bit more tolerant of him taking that spot I’ve had for over 10 years, even if it puts an increased physical burden on me. I keep putting off having my doctor evaluate me for a handicap plate for my car, but, at this point, even if that were to become fact, there isn’t any place for me to park nearby that would work significantly to satisfy the requirements for handicap parking. Time to have a lawyer evaluate the situation is coming.

    • The parking spots are irregularly allocated. For example, the duplex across the lane from me has a single car parking spot on the north end and a two-car parking spot on the south end. This south spot is the one I use. But, on the other side of the lane, across from this duplex is the duplex I live in, and there aren’t any parking spots specifically designated for the people who live in this duplex. Next to our duplexes, there are other duplexes where people have to take their chances finding parking spots in a public parking lot that oftentimes is loaded with cars of the people who work at the care center north of this block. On other lanes (there are four total), people have actual parking by and sometimes right in front of their units.

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