Post 752: late start…

We got a late start today. Or maybe it was a we-got-a-very-early-start-pooped-out-took-our-naps-then-restarted-late today. Just a matter of which end of the morning you look at!

Dougy celebrated waking up again by stretching and scratching the settee, like the bad kitty he is. Even the photo stinks of bad kittyness:

001Then he sat, regal little cat, giving me his best Persian kitty pose:

dougy 1`Andy slept in the dryer till I made a visit to the bathroom, then he hopped down, stretched, walked into the front room, sat down, forgot himself for a moment, and was trapped (without effort!) by Doug (the human one), who hadn’t forgotten Andy still needed his heart medication.

Unhappy kitty about to get medicine...!

Unhappy kitty about to get medicine…!

Andy took his medicine like a pouty little poopyhead, but he took it all right! Then he regrouped on Doug’s shoulder. It looks like a happy moment (which, in some respects it was…), but Doug can vouch that Andy’s front claws were dug deep into his shoulder! Youch!andy 2The business of the day done, we all went back to doing our things. (Poor Andy has such a sad face in the last photo! “Poor me! I suffer so!”)

20 thoughts on “Post 752: late start…

  1. Love that last photo of you and Mr Adorable. We bought a new bed and the old one was removed an the new one brought in today.
    Ali showed her disapproval by leaving me a huge hair ball.
    She is adjusting.

    • Poor Andy! He’s a good little guy, no matter how much he protests his medicine! Of course, I massage his shoulders, then give him kitty treats after he endures the medicine so there is some positive associations with the process.

      I can imagine how Ali has a reaction to the new bed. Poor kitty! We all know cats don’t like change in their environment unless it is edible, moves in an interesting way, or can be scratched and be claimed as “MINE!”

  2. Laughing! I have a feeling that, being cats, they were using much stronger language. All of the cats I know do.

    Watch out for tomorrow for the medication time…honor must be revenged.

    • Well, I guarantee the tone Andy uses when protesting medicine suggests an equivalency with a certain phrase that involves a physical impossibility…! (Just because he looks like a poor little kitty doesn’t mean he hasn’t picked up a few bad words from me…!)

  3. We went for a hair cut for the fur bean not a happy pet not at all but we solve that by a new toy all is forgiven she is now laying on top of her toys curled up in my side

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