Post 758: groomer appointment day…

I have to get the boys in the carrier in a short time. Andy’s on my computer, waiting to be plucked. Dougy’s somewhere. I better start looking!

No sooner said, then Andy got up and moved over to behind the all-in-=one machine to snooze. I think I can catch him still!

No sooner said, then Andy got up and moved over to behind the all-in-one machine to snooze. I think I can catch him still!

Every time is a new adventure. Today, Andy was snap to catch and put in the carrier. He’s at the groomer’s now. Dougy, on the other hand, went into hiding, and I have no idea where that damn cat is! It’s hard enough scheduling the boys in for grooming without this complication.

Dougy might end up not getting groomed today or until July, the next scheduled appointment, if he doesn’t show up within the next hour or so.



I managed to catch Dougy about 30 minutes before it was too late to take him in for his May trim and bath. He was very upset with me. I was very upset with him. 

When I picked the boys up at 11:30, the groomers said they’d been good boys while there. Go figure! And I can vouch for how pretty they look all trimmed and cleaned up. I will post photos of them with their new haircuts, but not today. I’m exhausted from all the running around.

20 thoughts on “Post 758: groomer appointment day…

  1. Ali says no fair that they got caught and she is hiding in the closet because she just got brushed out and most of her winter fur in in the brush. Then to top that she got her monthly flea treatment.
    We are just so bad for wanting to keep our fur kids looking good.

  2. The little dickens! It sounds like Dougy knew early in the day, somehow, that today was grooming day. They are smart little critters, and intuitive, as well. I hope you have found him and gotten him to the groomers by now.

    • They pick up on clues. I take a shower and dress to go out. I close doors to reduce the number of places they can run to to hide. And, of course, once I catch one of them and put him in the carrier, that’s a big clue! I don’t know what warned Dougy, but he went into hiding pretty early in the process.

  3. I am always siding with the boys over you, Doug, but I must take this opportunity to say that you take take mighty good care of them!!! 😉

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