Post 1775: Andy works at it…

Seriously, Andy does a good job cleaning up!


Post 1774: Bugged…!


It’s that time of year. Bugs get inside and the kitty boys have fits trying to get to them. This morning, Dougy spotted a bug on the ceiling. He wants it! MEOW!


Poor kitty! The bug won’t move. It’s still in the same spot on the ceiling. What’s a kitty boy to do?

Post 1773: “No, I meant to do that!”


It started out to be a  photo sequence showing Dougy having fun with the recycled peacock feather “toy”.




“No, I meant to do that!”


[I’m sorry, but I laughed! Poor Dougy! His pride was hurt and he’s sulking now. Poor baby! I’ll try to make him feel better. Who hasn’t rolled off his ottoman? Oh! No one. Hee! Hee!]




Post 1771: catnaps day…

I wasn’t going to post today, then I realized there would be concerns and questions if I didn’t. So, here’s the big skinny: It’s a cool, rainy day here, and the kitty boys and I want to enjoy some catnaps. Just that, nothing more!

Post 1769: brotherly love…

Do the kitty boys get along together? Well enough, but they have their days, too! Surprisingly, they never squabble when it comes to food, but the recliner comes with elaborate rules for use, rules only the kitty boys know.

(Andy is the kitty boy on the left in all photos, a fact I find curious. It seems they almost always end up that way in joint photos.)

Post 1768: looking “hot”…


Andy gets questions about how he manages to always look so, erm, “hot”. Once more, he will share his beauty secrets. Pay attention. It goes by fast!

“There you go. Simple, eh?! You can do it, too!” Andy believes in positive re-enforcement.

andy on print out

“Any further questions?” Andy asks…

andy winks

“No?! Good~! You pay much better attention than the last ones who asked!”

Andy asks me to send you kitty kisses and “scritches” for your continued interest. Give yourself a treat! 





Post 1767: rest day…

IMG_20180502_085158 (1)

The kitty boys need a day of rest from bloggery. “What do you think we are” queried Dougall, “…circus performers?”

“Geez, Dougy, I thought you and Andy enjoyed showing the world what spoiled, pampered, lazy, insolent kitty boys living in America are like.” 


“Don’t be silly, human guy! We are exactly the same as all kitties everywhere: lovable, clever, useful, playful furballs of fun!” countered Dougley. “So there!” 


Then, just to demonstrate kitties control us, not the other way around, Douglas sat up and did one of those irritating kitty things: staring at nothing!

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” whined the scared snotless human guy, “There must be really scary spirit things only kitty boys can sense hiding behind the recliner!”

Dougy guffawed silent kitty guffaws and thought to himself, “Ha! Gotcha again!” 

Post 1764: best friends forever…

My friend Deborah’s granddaughter Rosie and Deborah’s kitty boy Charles have something going on between them, as this note from Deborah details:

Rosie loves Charles so much that I now feel terrible when it’s time to leave.  She “took care of him” while I was at the monastery and when I came to pick him up, I could see she was not prepared to let him go.  So he sent her a postcard from Maine.

charles enjoying sun

Charles loves the sun, too!

When I saw her this weekend she told me she sleeps with the postcard under her pillow so she can see it first thing in the mornings when she wakes up.  She had written her letter to Charles and promptly read it to him as soon as we arrived this time.  It will be hard for her again when we leave tomorrow— she was already fretting about it yesterday.


Little girls and kitties! Say it all together, now… awwwwww! 

Post 1763: more hunting videos…

Once the horns are up, you know something’s afoot!


Yeah! This is more like it!

Flies get into the house from time to time. The kitty boys do something about it!

Yes, they cooperate with each other on the hunt, too!

Post 1762: Miller time again…


Dougy is a big fan of millers, those tedious moths that show up around this time of year. One’s in the house now. Dougy knocked out a light bulb trying to catch it, the second time he’s done that.

Moths, of course, are attracted to light so Dougy gets a pass on that. Besides, he’s a cat. That’s what cats do. Catch millers and eat them I mean. I hope he or Andy catch this one before the rest of the house is overturned!