Post 1971: Seriously, it’s good again!

Here are half of the photos I took to show you how much better Dougy’s right eye is after two weeks of eye drops. Typical! He closed his eyes or blinked every time I tried to get an “open eye” shot!

Oh well! Right eye open; left eye partially closed; slightly out of focus. This seems to be the best I can do for the moment. And it only took me eleven tries!

Post 1965: hint! hint!

Andy wasn’t happy I put my cane there, and faced toward it till I moved it out of his way. (Yes, the kitty boys are very spoiled!)

Post 1948: snuggling…

Andy knows something about the recliner…

…namely, it’s one of the warmer spots in the apartment. It’s a good place to sleep!

Post 1897: “Want me to brush you, Dougy?”


The longer their hair gets between haircuts, the prettier the kitty boys get. On the other hand, they require more brushing to deal with loose hair, which leads to mat formation if not dealt with. 


When I ask Dougy if he wants me to brush him, the inevitable answer is “Meow!” He love, love, loves brushing, especially when I “scritch” his chin with the brush. See how he rolls over to make his chin more accessible!?

Andy is less thrilled with brushing, though he tolerates it.

Post 1801: what they do most of the day…



Yeah, once in a while, I poke them to see if they still move!

Post 1778: a much needed rest…

A short time ago, I planned on skipping a day here to catch up on sleep. I didn’t do it, though, and continued to build on my fatigue.

This past weekend, however, my body rebelled and took over: I slept 11 hours Saturday afternoon and night! Sunday was pretty much the same thing, as was Monday.

Beyond doubt, I needed rest, my body determined it was a huge, huge amount, and I just went along. Instead of staying up, when I felt tired, I went to bed, day or night. What a novel approach to fatigue management! Ha!

I hope I’m caught up now. 

Post 1776: because he meowed at me…


Dougy looked over his shoulder and meowed a sad meow. Awww! He wanted me to “scritch” him! So I did, of course. Happy Caturday!

Post 1774: Bugged…!


It’s that time of year. Bugs get inside and the kitty boys have fits trying to get to them. This morning, Dougy spotted a bug on the ceiling. He wants it! MEOW!


Poor kitty! The bug won’t move. It’s still in the same spot on the ceiling. What’s a kitty boy to do?

Post 1773: “No, I meant to do that!”


It started out to be a  photo sequence showing Dougy having fun with the recycled peacock feather “toy”.




“No, I meant to do that!”


[I’m sorry, but I laughed! Poor Dougy! His pride was hurt and he’s sulking now. Poor baby! I’ll try to make him feel better. Who hasn’t rolled off his ottoman? Oh! No one. Hee! Hee!]