Post 757: Here we go again…!

Andy didn’t get the message yesterday, I guess, because he’s within grabbing distance on the computer desk, one arm’s length away from my keyboard!

He was sleeping, then I felt a presence…. You cat (and dog!) people know the presence I mean: of two little eyes staring at you, taking in every move.

Ia m watched. Andy may have a chance of escaping me today...for awhile!

I am watched. Andy may have a chance of escaping me today…for awhile!

I see you, Andy. You aren’t as stealthy as you think! 003Or is he? I haven’t caught him yet, and he is fast on his paws if he sees a hand reaching toward him.

30 thoughts on “Post 757: Here we go again…!

  1. Sorry for the confusion and I am not moving to another site. The new sites do not have any way of buying extra media space and I can no transfer what I have at sunset dragon.

    • Yeah, I get that, too! Andy is terrible about hanging out at my feet when I make food, even though I never give him any human food. I guess he figures if he sticks around long enough, I’ll eventually give in.

  2. I think I understand an animal’s sense of stealth because my little pet birds do much the same thing — If I stick a hand into their cage they go into a flying fit but then they settle down and sometimes even jump onto my finger and stare me in the face with that sweet little stare of theirs.

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