Too sad to write about. Please read what someone else had to say about the Charleston murders. I think toritto got it exactly rtght.


What is there to say about this young  man?  I am simply speechless.  It is hard to comment about a mentality which I find impossible  to understand.

Our latest young killer, the latest in a line of killers stretching back to Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora and Newtown is an avowed “white supremacist” – little different from what we used to call klansmen – or nazis.

In this respect he is different from the other killers – the anti-social “loners”  in black trench coats or he who dyed his hair red and called himself “the Joker” before shooting at the audience at the evening showing of “Batman”.    Or the supposedly “brilliant” young man, the “skinny goth” who, before killing 20 children and 6 teachers, and his mother, dressed all in black, “ninja” style.  This was life imitating art.

No.  Our latest young killer was going to do something because blacks were…

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10 thoughts on “Charleston

      • It’s a very difficult problem – I think there’s no solution for it but wait until the next time happens ~ it is quite impressive to listen to Obama’s reaction to such tragedies – the careful use of words, avoiding the most important ones – firearms control and education.


      • I don’t have any solutions. I can only hope not to be where some knothead with a legally-concealed weapon draws and shoots it at a bad guy while I’m standing between them. If people were required to pass a safety course on the use of specific weapons to obtain a license to legally use that weapon before they could own them, that would be a start. I don’t believe in the death penalty, but I would support mandatory extensions of sentences for crimes committed with guns or rifles. I would make it harder, not simpler to get ammunition, and it would be limited to the least powerful ammunition for the purpose. I would not be a popular person if I controlled these things.

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      • Ultimately, I would support more extreme measures, but there is the US Constitution guarantee of right to bear arms that limits what can be done without amending the constitution, a process that is (reasonably enough) very difficult and requires considerable political will to change.

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    • After the murder of 20 children in Newtown, I thought for sure America would wake up. Is there anything more horrific than murder of 20 children? Apparently it’s just a blip to those who support gun rights over human life.


  1. This horrible event sickens my heart, yet the response of that community has warmed my heart. They refuse to allow the hate to grow and destroy their community and faith. What a wonderful, selfless reaction to someone who was trying to divide this nation by killing innocent people. I am in awe in the difference in the reaction to the senseless death of innocent people and the violent reaction in other communities to the death of criminals. My hope in humanity has been somewhat restored by this beautiful SC community’s reaction to an evil injustice perpetrated upon them through evil hatred. Thanks for sharing this as our nation tries to heal from this vicious attack.


    • The good and decent people, the true Christians, responded in a way that gladdened my heart, too. Now, if the US Senate and US House of Representatives will look into their bought and paid for hearts and see that human life trumps gun rights, perhaps a rational national response to this on-going murder can come about.

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