Post 1456: upset kitties behaving poorly..!

Dougy’s on the prowl! Doug (the human) just dematted Dougy, and Dougy’s taking out his upset on his poor brother, Andy! (Bad kitty!)

Yeah, Dougy chased Andy up there, but now Andy has a safe spot from Dougy. Dougy has to think this out: How to beat up Andy when he’s up there!?

I think Andy’s enjoying this a bit too much. Dougy makes his move, but Andy can escape easily. (I’m not so sure he isn’t giving Dougy the kitty boy equivalent of a thumb to the nose in some of these poses…!)


Uh oh! Andy ran to the top of the PC, and Dougy followed him. Where will this end?

After some “eyeballing”, Andy and Dougy remember it’s Doug (the human) they are upset with. I mean, Andy told Dougy a fact he didn’t know: Doug (the human) dematted Andy’s chest before he flipped Dougy over to do the same! 

“Ohhhh! If he didn’t give us kitty treats, feed us kitty food, and play with us, I’d be sooooo mad!” Dougy said to his brother Andy.  


“Look at him! Watching television and acting innocent!” Andy says to Dougy. “I think we can take him if we do it together, brother!”


Andy and Dougy ran off to take a snooze, perhaps to dream up ways to get back at Doug (the human) for combing out mats on the kitty boys.

We’ll see. We’ll see. Mwahahahahaha!


A note to you who follow this blog: I usually have the worst of all light to take photos of the kitty boys. I lucked out for all of these photos. These photos show the kitty boys more accurately than most photos I post.

They are shedding more hair and experiencing more mats now because they didn’t get their May grooming, and their hair is the longest it’s been in years.

They are smoke Persian kitties, and the longer their hair gets, the more the smoke Persian characteristics show in their pelage. 

Please take a close look at the last photo in the series. It shows Andy and Dougy at the prettiest they’ve been in a long time. Well, Dougy’s ruff is a bit messed up, but it combs out.





29 thoughts on “Post 1456: upset kitties behaving poorly..!

    • Yes, I already have an appointment in late September for the two of them. The people at the groomer’s place are aware of my physical limitations and how that can affect catching my cats. I appreciate that!

  1. They are beautiful boys, Doug, and the last photo really shows it. I love their standoff, looking each other in the eyes, too.

    Lucio is usually the one here who gets huffy and bops another kitty after he has pills, or been told to get off the top of the cabinets. 🙂

    • LOL! Yeah, medications can do that! (Or just having to take medications….)

      Thanks! If they didn’t mat so bad, even with regular brushing, I’d let them grow their hair out to “full Persian”. Dougy looks especially beautiful right now, but is a matted mess.

  2. Yes , Doug , the photos are quite succeeded and sharp
    BTW , did Dougy go to the groomer ? I Remember he was hiding himself when he had to go . It seems his hair are long ??
    In friendship

    • No, Dougy (and Andy) have to wait till September 22nd, I think it is, before they can get groomed at the groomer’s. Their hair is the longest it’s been since they were 16 months old. Dougy got closed in my bedroom by accident. I didn’t find him there till after the appointment had to be cancelled.

  3. The boys remind me so much of my old smoke Persian Leo. He was a year-old rescue that already had the name. I had him for 17 years and still miss the old fella!! In that last picture, I can see Leo in both the boys!!

    • So that’s your attraction to this blog! I’ve enjoyed having you stop by over the years (and I certainly enjoy the history in your blog!), but I never imagined you having a PErsian kitty.

      • I have had many animals over my years, including a Himalayan Persian. If I listed them all – you’d swear I lived on a farm!! I’d still have them today, but it was my other-half’s idea to move here to the condo and we can’t have any. I enjoy hearing you and your interaction with the boys as well, Doug – don’t get jealous now! haha

  4. doug (the cat) brother in upset, I hear you… they put me in the bathtub yesterday and I totally understand that you are UP-set now… lets write a letter to peta together… or lets howl and meow our anger to the moon tonight…

    • Oh dear! If PETA gets involved in this, I’ll have to give up my dematting comb! They don’t howl, but they so make a RAWR-sound (a yowl) that would blend nicely with your howl!

  5. Their coats are certainly just gorgeous but I can see that they would get matted very quickly. It must be tough being a cat with very long fur. However those two are certainly plotting…..

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