Post 1885: floofy face revisited and update on the kitty boys’ trip to Doctor Dave’s…

When someone comments on how Dougy and Queen Elizabeth II have a resemblance, I have to laugh! They do!

Of all the things said about the Queen, “floofy” probably is the least likely. Thanks, jesuisleroisoleil , for pointing this out. I will start to show a little respect for my little monarch in future!



Update on the veterinarian appointment yesterday, October 15th: The kitty boys were pills when it came to being caught and put in the carrier, but they redeemed themselves at Doctor Dave’s.

Andy was the perfect patient, putting up with the blood pressure cuff without a protest. Dougy let me hold him the whole time Andy was on the examination table till it was his time for shots. It was the longest time ever I’ve held him! 

IMG_20181016_012311 (1)

Andy puts his head on my shoulder when we have our quality time before I give him his medicine. Awww!


Both are about the same weight as they’ve been for all their adulthood, which surprised me since they hit those kitty treats with great enthusiasm.

As for Andy’s blood pressure, he is high normal (134 +/- systolic), so continues on the same dosage of his medicine. He “gets” to visit Doctor Dave again in April for a follow-up. Doctor Dave says he has a new medicine that may help bring it down more if it looks like Andy needs it in April.


[I don’t know who has rights to the photo of the Queen, above, but will remove it if there are any issues or give attribution, their choice….]

33 thoughts on “Post 1885: floofy face revisited and update on the kitty boys’ trip to Doctor Dave’s…

    • He’s a big kitty about it, though, and most days go without much drama. Pertsonally, I think the prelude and epilogue to the sessions make upo for the icky medicine part, and both Andy and I get to enjoy quality time twice a day in an intimate way we hadn’t had before he went on medication. It also has been a way to brush him, too. It isn’t the handiest way – holding a kitty to brush him! – but he tolerates it better than when he’s free to flee. It’s helped me manage mat formation a lot since loose hair and dirt are two components tangled in attached hair that make mats. He used to have a less thick coat than Dougy, but it’s become much thicker in the past year, probably because the kitty boys haven’t had grooming every other month because of a scheduling mix-up. (Frankly, if i can control the mats when they have longeer hair, and I have been, I plan on reducing the frequency of their grooming to every four months instead of twice as often. They look great with theiur Persian-length kitty coats!)

    • I hope so! I personally have no problem with people using my photos for free, but I’m not a professional journalist of photographer.

    • I hope he doesn’t have to have the new medicine because the way I understood Doctor Dave, it would be in addition to the current medicine! Ick! And Andy agrees with me on that!

    • It was encouraging, Peggy, because they are seven years old now, and that makes them slightly in the “old” zone by cat measures, similar to late 40s, early 50s in human terms. Not old enough to join AARP, but old enough to start getting mail from them! LOL!

  1. I could always see the royalty in Dougy, but where the heck did you get a photo of the Queen where she’s smiling?!! That’s got to be a collector’s item! 🙂

  2. Wonderful news, I am glad as much as you all. I know now what means to take cats to the vet, this weekend our time to visit, they make a lot of cries in the car. it is not easy to control both of them… You are all great. Thank you, Love, nia

    • Dougy complains till I close the hatch on the station wagon, then he is quiet for the rest of the trip! Andy just scowls at me and is unhappy. I guess he cusses me under his breath! LOL!

    • The kitty boys are co-equals, so they pass responsibilities back and forth, making best use of each other’s strengths!

      As for HRM, I suspect being floofy contributes to her long and beloved reign. We’ll have to thank our friend who noticed the similarity for answering the question of why Queen Elizabeth II manages her high populkarity!

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