Post 814: looking good…!

Andy and Dougy got the treatment at their groomer’s yesterday, and the result was, as usual, quite nice!

Dougy’s off on kitty business somewhere, but Andy decided it was time to relax on his favorite high perch, the blue carrier on the settee. Here the trimmed and washed Andy is:

Andy's looking good!

Andy’s looking good!

Dougy’s looking good, too, and I’ll post a photo of him as soon as I get one. Yes, money well spent! Best of all, the boys are ready for the hot days to come.

In lieu of a Dougy photo, here are a few more videos:

20 thoughts on “Post 814: looking good…!

    • I need to make more videos. Though there are lots still on YouTube, I don’t make as many of them now that the boys aren’t kittens. Any parent knows how that goes!

  1. Good looking guy! I could fall for a nice clean dude like him. Mom has finally found a salon that will wash cats and mom is thinking about sending us over. Dougy has no ill effects from the salon visit? Mom is quite protective of Kali and Kali gets upset easily.


    • The place whwere the boys get trimmed is mostly for dogs, but they will do nice cats…! (I always ask if the boys were good when I pick them up…So far, so good! Whew! They do reserve the right to refuse serve to naughty pets.) Anyway, I highly recommend it if you can find a groomer that is sensitive to cats’ quirks and preferences. The only negative (for the boys) is the trip to and from the groomer since it involves the carrier. Dougy really whines about it and Andy glowers.

      • I must try them at the Salon then. Kali is happy as long as there is chatter in the background….says a lot about me I guess! Shoko is usually so busy looking around and trying to take everything in…the deed is usually done by the time she realizes something strange is happening to her. Thanks

    • Many of those are done with a Logitech webcam. I like it because it handles those extreme closeups competently and quickly. Yes, I like that because it does let me capture those beautiful eyes!

  2. The boys are looking good after their visit to the groomer and I am really enjoying these videos. I can see why you are smiling most of the time with these two to fill your heart full of smiles.

    • They’ve been very busy giving themselves spit baths to get rid of that clean smell they came back from the groomer’s with….! 🙂

      They do appear to be more comfortable trimmed up, though, and it is projected to be another hot day today.

    • That’s for sure! I made a longer video of that package opening, and the one I posted today was the edited version of that. The longer one went to the sweet lady who sent the boys the package from England!

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