Post 813: the boys are having their spa moment…!

I hope Andy and Dougy are behaving for Athena because I don’t want to hear they were naughty while at the groomers!

Andy sometimes gets bored and uncooperative. Dougy usually whines because he hates being in the carrier. But so far — knock on wood — they haven’t gone ballistic on any of the staff.

That, of course, assures them a welcome the next time they need a trim and a polish!

The response to the videos tells me you wanted more of the same. I hope you enjoyed today’s selection! A common theme, though, seems to be “Andy and Dougy are naughty kitties”. I knew that!

18 thoughts on “Post 813: the boys are having their spa moment…!

  1. Andy and Dougy they are so lovely and you did a great video with them. I love cats so much, all of them have their own stories, and characters… Thank you, Blessing and Happiness to you all, love, nia

  2. I hope their spa day went well. Great videos, that newspaper didn’t stand a chance? Whose Spongebob on the floor- Dougy or Andy ? 🙂

    • They were there from 7:30 till 1:30, which is longer than usual, but I understand they were well-behaved the whole time. Whew!

      Of course, once Dougy heard my voice when I was talking with the owner about my bill, he protested being caged, but that’s Dougy for you.

      The SpongeBob is mine. My Seattle sister gave it to me six or so years ago as a joke, I think, but it is a nice pillow, and it hides the nasty cable mess for the television.

    • That’s one of my favorites, Michel!! I think it is hilarious and the music (mostly by accident) matches the tail action nicely. Dougy sniffing his brother’s butt at one point was funny, to me, too, since people think cats don’t do stuff like that! (Oh, they do! They do!)

  3. Great videos! I cannot believe how tall they are and how very clever! I have to wonder what cat transgression Andy committed to get Dougy so miffed. He was definitely unhappy with his brother. It was like a scene out of the Godfather where they use intimidation to keep their people in line. Isn’t Dougy the laid back one? I liked the scores you paired with the videos. It is easy to tell you did this for a living for a time. They are all cute but the one with Dougy keeping Andy in his place was priceless. Thanks for sharing them!

    • Dougy is the more laid back one. In fact, he has that squinty-eyed look of a cat in charge in some of the videos that I think is his signature look The one where Andy opens cabinets and drawers features Dougy in a salmon-colored tub he likes, and he gives that look. He looks soooo disapproving and smug!

    • Louie the ginger cat, the boy’s predecessor was very curious about everything. The first day I brought him home from the shelter, he opened every cabinet in every room, and basically claimed the whole place as his own! Andy is just the second of my cats to figure out he can do this. Dougy lets him brother open the cabinet, then he shoos Andy away so he can explore the interior for himself. That’s clever in another way!

  4. Always great to see my little buddies!! The music you pick for each one goes with the theme, you have talent there Doug. BUT – they’re not bad kitties – the “Andy at play” shows that you egg them on, and “Has a few tricks” proves they’re smarter than the average bear!!

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