Post 855: Monday…again???

Dougy and I had a good time going. He’d rub against my legs. I’d scritch his ears and pet him head to tail. Then I’d pick him up and hold him on his back till he wiggled. I’d put him back on the floor and the process began again.

Let’s face it, it was more like Caturday than Monday. Dougy was purring. I was enjoying the quality time with my kitty. Dougy didn’t want it to end and I was pretty content, too!

Andy watched from the cat tree just outside the door, his ears perked up and his horns showing. He wanted to join in but couldn’t make the first step. So I did: Scritch-scritch! I gave Andy’s soft kitty ears a good scritching and he was happy to join Dougy and me in out little love fest!

Andy, all scritched and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

Andy, all scritched and ready to enjoy the rest of the day.

National Black Cat Appreciation Day is today, incidentally. My black kitties and I want to remind you black cats make great companions, so consider getting one from your shelter if you are thinking about getting a cat.

43 thoughts on “Post 855: Monday…again???

    • Andy is timid about the world outside unless he can run and hide when something frightens him. Dougy has to be watched or he wanders off, sniffing his way through the scene. He’s done that ever since he was a kitten: he’s very snoopy!

  1. Ali is a big love with Tim more than me. he goes to lay down and she goes and puts him to bed, snuggles him, Mama talks him and licks his nose for a while. I am kind and do not remind him where that tongue has been.
    You have sweet and adorable boys, and I know they keep your heart smiling.

    • They surprise me sometimes. Most days they aren’t hanging on to me like I am wonderful or something, just coming around for a pat or a scritch or two on their way to important cat business.I like it when they are obviously enjoying themselves with me because that’s my goal: Happy cats!

  2. That is so cute Doug. Kali is a lover….Shoko is too busy. She likes her loves at 3am….I try but my heart’s just not in it! I fall asleep petting Shoks and she goes and sleeps on my pillow so she can get me as soon as I open my eyes.


    • LOL! Yes, I am well acquainted with late night/ early morning kitty lover fests! Dougy is especially notorious for popping around and hopping on my bed for a little kitty loving. (I guess we secretly enjoy the attention, eh!? Too bad it can’t be during normal human hours, though….!)

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