Post 856: sexy kitten…!

Andy’s one sexy kitten! Too bad he is fixed and is an inside cat or there’d be lots of little black fuzzballs running around the neighborhood.

What a brute!

Hubba hubba, pussycat!

14 thoughts on “Post 856: sexy kitten…!

  1. I had thought more than once of all my dogs that it was a shame they were fixed because their babies would be gorgeous. I understand it is not responsible to allow a bunch of pups or kittens to be born but dang they are too adorable. I just love babies! Your boys would make mighty handsome kittens.

  2. Andy looks like a handsome young Jack Nicholson in that photo. Good thing he IS fixed, and there are no extra black fuzzballs running around in the neighborhood screaming “Here’s Johnny!”

    • We’ve discussed his “Napoleon complex” — or at least franhunne4u and I have — and Andy, the smaller of the two brothers definitely has that little guy toughness and cattitude that comes of being the, well, little guy! I think you might be surprised, Michel, just how tough he is since he is the “nice” kitty of the pair!

  3. Well Andy. you are a good looking guy but how is the sex drive? You gotta be able to back up these teasing looks of yours. Mom was told that us Siamese are the nymphomaniacs of the cat world. She can’t believe her little ones could be so wild and loose. We’re fixed too so I guess you could look teasingly at us and we can make like wild lady cats. Hey, Andy, bring your bro Dougy and there’ll be a hot time in the ole town tonight. MOL

    Shoko and Kali

    • Yeah, you can play Andy and Dougy’s favorite game: predator/prey! It’s be much more fun having three predators chasing one unfortunate prey victim. Of course, they could divide it up 2 and 2 or 3 and 1, too: Kitty’s choice!

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