Post 916: another photo mystery…

Anyone who knew the story behind this photo died years and decades ago. 

They may be my uncles, possibly one is my father (the little guy on the far right), but I can’t verify this. The second one from the left may be my Uncle Sim, who was a fun fellow, a favorite uncle. Why are they on horses? Where are they? When was this photo taken?scanuncles

It hangs on my wall with other family photos, yet it is a mystery. Though the family has rural origins and lived at various times in Newcastle, Wyoming, and Deadwood, South Dakota, when they were essentially frontier villages, the aunts and uncles mostly lived in cities when I knew them.

My uncles, aunts, and father always told lots of stories when they got together, and that was a lot of the fun when these reunions happened. Yet, I don’t remember any stories about riding horses. If it happened, believe it, I would have heard about it!

20 thoughts on “Post 916: another photo mystery…

  1. I love finding intriguing photographs within the family. It looks as if three are using saddles while the last boy on the right is only using a blanket. Their clothing doesn’t define them positively to one time period over the next. Although the hat on the one boy might suggest 1950’s? When I find these types of photographs I often wish my ancestors had been better at recording familial facts and dates. A few only have a year or names scribbled on the back; however, most of them were blank. I love photographs regardless of their familial affiliation to me. So much is captured in that single moment in time and if we have a discerning eye and a curious mind then we can squeeze every possible tidbit of information from them. Still, it would be nice to access some journals or diaries of days gone by. Thanks for sharing a piece of your family history!

    • How true! I always enjoyed listening to their stories because they, being the older siblings of my father, often filled in details about Dad’s early years I was unaware of and, in some case, neither was Dad.

      • I know very little about my dad. I wish I knew more but my grampa threw my father out of the house when dad was 14 and dad joined the army. He lied about his age. My grandpa was injured during world war 1, had shrapnel lodged in his head, so was not thinking very well. Sad, but dad became a leader of men with a background like this.

        • Wow! What a history! He must have been one of the youn ger boys to manage to get away with telling a lie about his age. I’ve heard about such things happening, but it seems the authorities eventually figure it out. Of course, durng war time, they probably were more concerned about meeting the quota than little details like the age of the volunteers….!

    • They are great conversation starters when family gets toghether, and the older members need to pass on what they know about the photos before they are history. Better yet, write down descriptions and identifyu the people, place, time, reason for the photo, anything that tells the story. It takes a lot of time, but there are things that are lost forever when it isn’t done. For example, the story of the four horsemen!

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