Post 1321: Andy’s a good kitty!

Andy can rip your heart out with his “Big Persian Kitty Eyes of Terror-Filled Resignation” that he puts on when he knows he’s about to get his daily dose of medicine.


Here’s some examples from the past of that heart-wrenching kitty response to getting mentally prepared for his medicine. Andy is in my arms, and his naughty brother Dougy is on the counter in the background:

Yeah, then total submission, though sometimes it requires swaddling him in a towel.


Of course, he always gets kitty treats afterwards, his reward for (usually) being a very good kitty during the ordeal.

Yes, Andy kind of likes medicine time. Maybe. Well, after I put out the treats!

Post 1285: snow fun…(‘s’no fun)

The day started out fine. The kitty boys begged me to play videos for cats, and they were exceptionally good kitties while the videos played.


Good fun for the kitty boys! And they were nice to each other while watching the videos.


Yeah. What I saw at 10 o’clock. That’s my black VW Sportwagen buried in a drift!

The day before I’d called the Good Samaritan office to let them know I needed to have the snow cleared so I could get to dialysis Wednesday, and that it needed to be done by at least 10 o’clock so I had adequate time to make the 11 o’clock start time. That, I figured, would give me extra time in case of getting stuck or other snow related issues.

By 10 o’clock Wednesday, no one had come to clear the snow. I WAS PISSED!


My neighbor, Gary, offered to help dig me out. His wife, Donna, told him he had no business exerting himself that way. I protested, too, telling him I expected Good Samaritan to do the job. NOW!


Gary pretended to have chest pains. Donna and I were not amused!

Here’s what the passenger side looked like. The snow was up to just about halfway to my knees.

Note that I park in a handicap parking spot. The Good Samaritan runs the apartment complex I live in, and they are responsible for clearing snow. Theoretically, they will clear snow first for people like me who have medical issues and have to make appointments. Dialysis isn’t optional!


Here’s the driver’s side of my car. The drift was crotch high! I didn’t know if I could even get into the car because the snow came up to a few inches above the bottom of the door.

I managed to get in the car. Gary walked down to the office to remind them in person I had asked for snow to be cleared the day before. Then a couple of maintenance people came over to help clear some of the snow around and behind my car off, but the main snow removal had to wait till the snow plow arrived from Hemingford, 19 miles away!

I tried to back up and got stuck. Gary and the maintenance people got me unstuck, and I drove down the lane and turned west on East 6th Street.

At the intersection of East 6th and Flack Avenue, I saw a pickup truck and a Bobcat blocking the intersection. There was a police car with lights flashing. It looked like an accident, but it might have been people clearing the snow at the intersection. Regardless, I couldn’t pass through the intersection to head north to the hospital. (Yes, I drew on my US Army vocabulary again to express feelings about that!)

I backed up to a turn off to the Good Samaritan parking lot, and headed east to what looked like the best way to get to 4th Street, which would take me to Flack, then the long way around to the hospital by 3rd Street, then Box Butte Avenue, two snow lanes that were cleared. Boyd Street looked impassable, so I turned down Lane 4, which had a path down it, thanks to a pickup.


Here I am on Lane 4…



Yes, I was thoroughly wet, mad, and running out of time to get to dialysis.img_20170125_101132

The final trial: I waded through drifts up to my knees to get back to Lane 2 to try to run down a ride and to leave my keys with Gary and Donna so Gary could park my car in my spot after the snow was cleared and the car was unstuck.

I got thoroughly wet below the knees, and barely had the strength to make the full trek. Leroy, one of the maintenance guys, had to come to me for the final stretch to knock down a path for me to walk. I still barely made it. Yes, I cussed like a Sergeant Major all the way. Cleared my lungs, I tell you!

Donna called to find a ride for me. She eventually got the Handibus lined up, and I got to dialysis just slightly later than usual. (The Handibus is a city-run service used mostly by non-drivers, elderly, or handicapped people. You can get door-to-door service at a dollar per ride.)

Did I mention Gary and Donna are the neighbors who took care of the kitty boys for the two months and 10 days I was hospitalized, then in rehabilitation in 2016? Very good people! They helped turn my disastrous snow crisis into a successful trip to the hospital for dialysis. 

Post 977: Andy can’t make up his mind…

Andy had breakfast, lots of head skritching, a cheek rub, a chin scratch, and a few well-placed pats. He heard himself called “the good kitty!” Of course, of the two boys, he is the better behaved one. The good kitty.

Now what? Too early to take a morning nap but too late to start any kitty games. Dougy’s run off somewhere anyway, probably to take his morning nap. I mean, Dougy’s had his breakfast, lots of head skritching, a cheek rub, a chin scratch, and a few well-placed pats himself. What’s left to do this morning but to take a nap? 

"Whaty to do? What to do?" Andy's done it all already this morning. What next?!

“What to do? What to do?”
Andy’s done it all already this morning. What next?!

Post 970: Urp….!


Sorry, but I have a really sour stomach today. I cancelled one plan to get together with old friends at a new restaurant. I just didn’t think I could handle food, no matter how good. In fact, just writing “food” brought about an involuntary gurgle in my stomach, a rebellion I’ve been fighting for a day now.

In lieu of anything, though, I am posting a Dougy photo. He’s my main boy, you know. He worries if I don’t get out of bed fast enough for him, and he will hang out with me until he’s sure I’m, erm, “not dead”!!

It’s a good one of him, I think, amazingly, since I only made one shot of him today, and it turned out to be dang decent. All I can figure is Dougy felt sorry for me. LOL!dougy 121015

Post 936: the “sheepies” are shorn….!

Dougy was grumpy because he was unhappy about being in the carrier. Andy always is a little grumpy, “because”! The main thing, Athena their groomer said they were basically good boys while there, and she once again gave them really good cuts, no matter what their moods.

Dougy snoops at my dirty breakfast dishes. Hey, it that a fantastic tail or what?!

Dougy snoops at my dirty breakfast dishes.
Hey, is that a fantastic tail or what?!

Andy chose his favorite perch on my pc to fluff his tail and take care of kitty grooming needs. He has a fantastic tail, too!

Andy chose his favorite perch on my PC to fluff his tail and take care of kitty grooming needs.
He has a fantastic tail, too!

Athena and I decided next time, in January, we will try something different. Instead of a teddy bear cut, she will trim under their arms, on their chests and abdomens, and (most importantly) under and behind the tails.

I’ve had them trimmed in teddy bear cuts till now mostly to control matting and poop on tail feather issues. Letting their hair grow out except as noted above should let their full beauty bloom, and, if Athena and I figure it right, matting won’t become an issue. 

The boys are smoke Persian cats. When they have longer hair, I’ll post photos so you can see how beautiful such cats can be! Andy and Dougy are cute now, but they will be spectacular in full form. Take my word for it.

Post 926: National Black Cat Day today~!

I celebrate black cats every day, but there is one day of the year it is official: Yes, today is National Black Cat Day! 

If you follow this blog, you know Andy and Dougy stand in well as ambassadors for the black cats of this world. They are my joy. They make me laugh!

Dougy's exhausted from all these decisions! Poor kitty!!

They are ornery, but I always forgive them.

Yes, that's the wastepaper basket in the kitchen, a favorite one for the kitties to knock over.

They get me up before the cows come home to “feed the kitties”, then they go back to bed after they eat.


They are affectionate but don’t want to be held too long because they have important cat business to take care of, always! When they are really magnanimous, they let me play with them!

Dougy (on left) in his box; Andy in his. The boys worked it out, then Dougy ran off on cat business, leaviong both boxes to Andy. More about that tomorrow!

They are my little buddies! I look forward to seeing them first thing when I wake up each morning, and having them around me all day.

I’m not alone in my enthisiasm for black kitties. Here’s what DrNworb (Doug Brown) of Vancouver, BC has to say on the subject:

Post 795: another lazy Caturday…

How better to spend Caturday, Andy wonders, than to watch what’s happening out the back door?

Dougy's not around, so there's no reason to sit on the pot!

Dougy’s not around, so there’s no reason to sit on the pot!

Yeah! The little red chair!

Yeah! The little red chair!

Fit for a kitty! Now to watch birds in the fir tree!

Fit for a kitty! Now to watch birds in the fir tree!

 Of course, all that bird watching is tiring as heck, so Andy scampered off to take a stretch under the computer desk.

Dougy beat Andy to the cat lounger, but that left the flag holder, another favorite roosting place, open for occupation.

Dougy beat Andy to the cat lounger, but that left another favorite roosting place under the computer deak open for Andy. Things work out.

Post 785: Andy’s fine day…

Andy’s having a great day today. Don’t know why, but he’s purring, coming around to get loving and actually staying long enough to get it. Not like Andy at all! 

Yes, sweet as he is, Andy tends to be a bit skeptical about the motives of his brother Dougy and me. He just knows Dougy wants to chase him and I will pick him up and — ugh! — pet him! Silly boy! Of course we do these things, if we get a chance!

Yet, today, Andy is so affectionate and, well, happy. (Little does he know, I’m about to give him his medicine…!)

Soaking in the rays in a safe spot.

Soaking in the rays in a safe spot.

Post 752: late start…

We got a late start today. Or maybe it was a we-got-a-very-early-start-pooped-out-took-our-naps-then-restarted-late today. Just a matter of which end of the morning you look at!

Dougy celebrated waking up again by stretching and scratching the settee, like the bad kitty he is. Even the photo stinks of bad kittyness:

001Then he sat, regal little cat, giving me his best Persian kitty pose:

dougy 1`Andy slept in the dryer till I made a visit to the bathroom, then he hopped down, stretched, walked into the front room, sat down, forgot himself for a moment, and was trapped (without effort!) by Doug (the human one), who hadn’t forgotten Andy still needed his heart medication.

Unhappy kitty about to get medicine...!

Unhappy kitty about to get medicine…!

Andy took his medicine like a pouty little poopyhead, but he took it all right! Then he regrouped on Doug’s shoulder. It looks like a happy moment (which, in some respects it was…), but Doug can vouch that Andy’s front claws were dug deep into his shoulder! Youch!andy 2The business of the day done, we all went back to doing our things. (Poor Andy has such a sad face in the last photo! “Poor me! I suffer so!”)