Post 986: Happy New Year!

It’s a chilly 22°F (-2°C) this New Years Eve afternoon. I have no intention of going outside except to get the mail, and then it will be as quick a maneuver as I can make it. I am cold-blooded.

The kitties are resting nearby. Andy’s on the computer and Dougy’s at my feet. My boys like to keep me close when it’s time for kitty food! 

Andy poses nicely for thius profile shot.

Andy poses nicely for this profile shot.

63 thoughts on “Post 986: Happy New Year!

    • Apparently not, GP because I put food out for them a few minutes ago and it’s still waiting for hungry little kitties to stop by. Dougy was by the computer long enough to get photographed, but disappeared immediately after. Andy is snoozing away elsewhere. Lately, that would be the sink in my bathroom, but he’s not there right now, He must be in one of his other favorite spots- perhaps the washing machine lid..

    • Thank you, Jean! I look forward to more of your informative blogs in the coming year, too. I’ve especially enjoyed the ones with charts showing different cat breeds, for example, but all your posts have been interesting in one way or other to me. Nicely done!

          • For sure! That’s how one gets almost 1000 blog topics. Before I had cats, I updated my blog every few weeks it seemed. Once I had cats….! It was inevitable I redirected the theme of the blog to “surviving retirement with two cats”!

          • I understand … when I began my blog, I didn’t know what my theme would be, but somehow, Saphera, Mr. M and Ms. Purrseidon seem to have directed it to pet care & humor … they are even making their way into my fiction. Saphera is in Fire Island as a tiger (no dogs in the Chatterre trilogy) and in the Sea Purrtector Files, a stray comment about catnip blends inspired Kiara (my cover designer) to research this possibility, then begin developing Catabliss blends. I never, eve thought Kiara would turn into a drug dealer for my beloved furballs!
            If that isn’t enough, Ms. Purrseidon’s baffling water obsession has inspired the character Mischief in the Sea Purrtector Files, where she is giving poor Xander tail twitches.
            Yep, blogs about pets rarely lack for something to post.

          • Yes, me, too! It’s fun seeing how people handle the challenges of black or white pets, too. If it weren’t for PhotoShop, most of the photos I take of the boys would show black blobs that had cat outlines, I fear!

          • Mr. M is a challenge to photograph – for one thing, the dear old fella is generally snoozing in an obscure corner. I have never used photoshop for retouching photos, but you have a point about it being for more than adding text to a photo.

          • It is nice when the equipment you have is up to whatever challenges you give it! I have old Nikon cameras from the 1970s that are excellent tools…if they weren’t film cameras. I haven’t the patience or money for film these days, and settle for digital cameras that are also capable of things other than just photos.

          • When we downsized in order to move aboard our catamaran, the old film camera was sold. Our daughter manages to get some excellent photos using the cellphone, but I am challenged with texting, so haven’t had the courage to try that.

          • Yes, and that,too, for me! Of course, I am a “hunt-and-peck” typist, so, though I have fair speed and reasonable accuracy, I often get off by a key or two…!

          • Sure you have a choice – as long as you don’t mind not being able to read the fine print. What frosts my cookies is the size of the print on a lot of medication bottles – those require a magnifying glass!

          • Or instructions on packaging. Yesterday, I had a fight with the impossibly small type in a credit card website, and had a hell of a time paying my bill! I can tell which sites give me the most problems, though: the passwords I make for them usually include at least one foul word….! LOL!

          • I’m not fond of the sites which have those jumblewords to verify one isn’t a computer or something… even though they are not tiny, they are annoyingly muddled.

          • Me, either. There’s one that makes you do three or four in a row before it finally agrees you aren’t a machine, and I try to avoid going there….!

          • I usually decide to shop elsewhere when I have more than one of those darn things – ditto for when a site demands to know my name and email before they will even allow me into their site to see if they have anything I might be interested in.

          • IMHO, the wanting to know who is checking out their site is an invasion of privacy. Worse, I suspect people land on spam lists if they fill those things out.
            Mind you, if I find something I want on a site, I have no problem giving them that information, but I will not do so before I know what they have to offer.

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