Post 986: Happy New Year!

It’s a chilly 22°F (-2°C) this New Years Eve afternoon. I have no intention of going outside except to get the mail, and then it will be as quick a maneuver as I can make it. I am cold-blooded.

The kitties are resting nearby. Andy’s on the computer and Dougy’s at my feet. My boys like to keep me close when it’s time for kitty food! 

Andy poses nicely for thius profile shot.

Andy poses nicely for this profile shot.


63 thoughts on “Post 986: Happy New Year!

    • Apparently not, GP because I put food out for them a few minutes ago and it’s still waiting for hungry little kitties to stop by. Dougy was by the computer long enough to get photographed, but disappeared immediately after. Andy is snoozing away elsewhere. Lately, that would be the sink in my bathroom, but he’s not there right now, He must be in one of his other favorite spots- perhaps the washing machine lid..

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