Post 985: as the kitten’s bent…

Andy and Dougy are brothers, as most of you know if you’ve followed this blog very long. Like most brothers, they have good times together  and they have their moments. Mostly, though, the boys get along famously! 

One of my favorite videos of the boys as kittens also provided the screen shot that heads this blog. See if you can find it while watching the video.

A chronic issue around the house is boxes. Specifically, will Dougy let me trash them out before he claims them?

The boys love, love, love my brother Richard! Richard is more fun than I, as this video will attest:

Of course, like all brothers, they occasionally have differences of opinion. Usually, with the boys, it has to do with who gets to sit on the lounger or some other trivial matter. They tussle, get it out of their systems, and all is well again.

Hope you enjoyed this little look back at Andy and Dougy in the early years!

20 thoughts on “Post 985: as the kitten’s bent…

  1. Love the replays from before I found you boys. You pick some terrific music, I especially thought the theme for the video with your brother was wonderful, so right for the action!

    • Thanks! That was a Roma band as I recall or maybe Klezmer musicians. Either way, I was delighted to find it for the very reason you note!

      The blog picked up quite a few new people since I returned from the hospital and rehabilitation last year. The types of questions that came up in that new group of readers suggested to me that the videos would be a great way to give everyone a better sense of what the kitty boys are like without having to go all the way back and reading from the first post up to the latest. Also, I’ve enjoyed revisiting them!

  2. I think Richard gets as much pleasure as the two boys
    The ssequences of the videos are funny . Andy and Dougy play together including battle but withoyut going too far . This remains a game.
    We feel you got fun in making those videos , showing very well cat’s behavior .And those two are special .
    I thank you for your comments to my videos on you Tube and I wish you a happy New Year
    In friendship

    • Yes, I do enjoy making kitty videos, though I haven’t made any recently. When they were kittens, of course, they were more playful. Now, they are stately statues, posing nicely. They do play togetrher, though, and one game of their own making invoilved challenging the other cat to take a toy away. The game starts with one cat yowling kitty insults, which brings the other cat running to meet the challenge. After they get together, they sniff each other and circle each other till one takes off in a run. The other cat then chases the running cat till he catches him. Then, they change roles, with the chaser becoming the chased cat. This game can go on for several minutes, then the two boys go off and take a nap.

    • They were adorable kitten, for sure! They had a tiny catnip mouse that they loved to play with, and the big game between the two was to get the catnip mouse from the other brother, then run away with it. Watching these early videos is instructive,m too, for me, because I see behaviors that turned out to be typical of each cat’s personality. Of course, I didn’t realize I was watching future behavior at the time~!

    • It’s a good idea if Maggie likes the choice….! I suspect she would benefit by having another dog around to play with and use up some of that excitement and energy her breed typically have. When I decidedto accept Dougy, too, it was because he and Andy’d established themselves as compatible playmates. They have a sister and another brother that went to another family. According to the woman who had their mother, the brother and sister hate each other and don’t get along at all. Andy and Dougy are best buddies. Have you talked with Maggie’s veterinarian or the instructors where she went to school about how best to go about introducing her to a new playmate? She’s been a very needy pup most of her early life, and I’d worry that she’d feel less loved if she had to share her people with another dog. Good luck working through this! I hope you can get her a doggy pal!

      • ooh, I am so on the fence! I worry about the commitment for another large dog, and of course have concerns about Jamie’s allergies. There is a rescue group whom I have spoken to that works with our animal welfare league, and they said they have a plan for a low stress introduction…I will keep you posted, and fret my thoughts away!!!

        • Good luck however it goes! I think you’d be perfect “parents” for another pup, given how much care and loving you’ve given Maggie when she really, really needed champions for her survival. It’s a rare quality you have, one that will guide you to the right decision, I’m sure!

          • Probably a good idea…plus it gives you more time to assess Maggie’s possible response and to give thought to what changes you have to make to the home to accommodate another pooch. It’s a big deal in the end!

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