Post 987: Lunch is served…but where are the kitties…?

Dougy stopped by to remind me it was time to put out kitty food.

I teased him a bit, “What could a fat little kitty possibly want food for?!” He was unamused….

"I know where you sleep!" Dougy implied terrible things could happen if kitty food didn't appear, pronto!

“I know where you sleep!”
Dougy implied terrible things would happen if kitty food didn’t appear, pronto!

"Lunch is servewd...with sal;ad!" Hope that satisfie=s the little bugger....!

“Lunch is served…with salad!”
Hope that satisfies the little beggar….!


12 thoughts on “Post 987: Lunch is served…but where are the kitties…?

  1. When I was a kid we lived in a ramshackle little bungalo out in the countryside and the house got really cold in the winter and both the cat and myself were more than content to share a bed with about a hundred pounds — more or less — of home-made quilts and blankets weighing us both down through the long nights. The kitty’s purring would lull me to sleep and it was grand unless the kitty let a stinker and then he got tossed out of the bed …. but would always manage to sneak back in.

  2. Got reminded, too, this morning, that it was already more of a brunch for the kitties than their usual breakfast time .. And the tom, who begged most persistently, did not even go near the wet food … Lies next to me, while I type this. Looks happy.

    • It’s easy to grow the stuff but it doesn’t last long. I really should keep some growing at different stages at all times since Andy in particular likes the stuff. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Dougy try it.

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