Post 1052: Andy chills out…

They say a cat stretched out on his back is a cat that is confident he is safe in his environment. Andy isn’t a trusting kitty, frankly, but he still chills out on his back on the floor by my computer or on the computer desk. It’s usually sprawling on his back.

Andy started out in the sun.

Andy started out in the sun.

Watching me watching him. He's getting more on his back in the meantime...!

Watching me watching him.
He’s getting more on his back in the meantime…!

Fully relaxed now. "Got'cher tummy, Andy!"

Fully relaxed now.
“Got’cher tummy, Andy!”


18 thoughts on “Post 1052: Andy chills out…

    • I have to avoid the temptation to tickle that sweet tummy when he exposes it! Showing their tummy that way is one way cats say they trust and love you, so tickling it is a betrayal of trust!

  1. Awww sweet boy and Ali does this all of the time and we tell her she is showing belly and rub it and she just stretches out more and purrs.

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