Post 1053: Gad! What I go through for that one good photo!

I guarantee every photo I post of my kitties is one of several taken to get to the one that’s adequate to post! I also guarantee that there are times (all too often) where “adequate” is “barely so”. Kitties just aren’t that easy to photograph when they aren’t in the mood to cooperate!

Then, out of the blue, one or the other will pose nicely and hold it.

Andy is a sleepy boy...!

Andy is a sleepy boy…!

8 thoughts on “Post 1053: Gad! What I go through for that one good photo!

  1. Having a catchup day and one item on the agenda was pulling the photos from the camers. I agree completely about getting a good shot, especially, if like me, you don’t have such a great camera. I think you do a great job. The boys are very photogenic but you do have to catch them still.

    • I have a simple Nikon Coolpix S100 – a point-and-shoot camera. Though it takes pretty decent photos, it isn’t the greatest in low light, the usual condition in my apartment.

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