Post 1093: just Andy…

The power went out last night. I missed some of the Republican convention. Well, most of it! Perhaps it is for the best. They lost me at “Benghazi”. My earlier resolve to avoid involvement with the political news was the right one for me. So, here’s a kitty cat photo. Andy.71916 andy


6 thoughts on “Post 1093: just Andy…

    • I think so, too. Of course, they look best right back from the groomer. After they rearrange their fur through grooming to get back to being Andy and Dougy, they start to look like rough house kitties again! LOL!


  1. Noi having a television has it’s advantages I see. Can’t be tempted Even as a kid I thought delegates to alt the conventions acted more like teens at a rock concer tthan people trying to decide on the leadership of the country.. Of course to fill the void, there is chase the laser game, brushing everone and book reafing.


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