Post 1094: In which I try to sneak a photo of Dougy with his eyes open…

I’ve noted before the difficulty I have taking photos of Dougy with his eyes open. Here’s today’s effort:

"La! La! La!" Dougy's happily resting on his ottoman.

“La! La! La!” Dougy’s happily resting on his ottoman.

"#^%@*&! i WANT MY ATTORNEY! If I catch you, that camera's toast!" Oops! Dougy's not happy!

“#^%@*&! I WANT MY ATTORNEY! If I catch you, that camera’s toast!”
Oops! Dougy’s not happy!

Today, it's Andy's turn to star in a little GIF.

Today, it’s Andy’s turn to star in a little GIF. Sorry about the icky eye – you know how flash hits the back of cat eyes….! (But just the one this time.)

If you are American and support Trump, you will want to skip this. Or maybe not. While I am not impressed with either major party candidate for specific reasons, watching the hatefest put on by the Republican National Convention hasn’t endeared Trump to me. I haven’t heard one compelling reason why I should vote for him or how he proposes to do a thing, but I’ve heard lots of slanders of the other party’s candidate.

Next week, I’ll endure the Democratic National Convention and hope it has a higher tone than this Republican event. Of course, that is wishful thinking. This campaign advertisement put out by the Democrats, on the other hand,  pretty much covers where I stand as an American charged with the responsibility to vote for a candidate who’ll best serve as President. Unfortunately, their candidate brings lots of baggage with her.

Sorry, world! There are approximately 320,000,000 Americans, and these two are the best we can come up with to be the most powerful person in the world. I won’t respond to any comments regarding American politics, though I may post them if they are civil. 


43 thoughts on “Post 1094: In which I try to sneak a photo of Dougy with his eyes open…

    • I think Australians get that option. Perhaps someone can clarify. I agree, though. If that option were available, the “winners” would get a pretty good comeuppance if the majority or a significant percentage voted “none of the above”, and they would need to adjust their egos and politics to be more representative of public opinion. Or so I think.

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      • We kind of get that option in that if no one can form government (as a majority or a coalition), we might have to go to the polls again. We were almost in that situation in our most recent election. One party has a shaky majority. We’ll see how the pollies work it out.


      • That sounds tedious, but here a disputed election would go into a recount of the ballots and potentially could end up in the Supreme Court, such as the election where George W. Bush was elected to his first term.

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  1. I’ve refused to comment on politics this year, but I will say I appreciate your efforts in getting a pix of Dougy with his eyes open!! I know it couldn’t have been easy!!!


  2. Years ago Art Buchwald wrote an amusing column on why there were only 9 candidates (or some low number like that) running in the primary elections. His hypothetical friend posed the question and Buchwald was explaining how it happened. The rundown was hilarious. No women (this was in the 1970s), no children, no [insert religion], no one who’d ever cried in public, no one who’d ever been depressed or taken meds, no sex scandals, no…, no… and on and on, until he was down to 9. I’d love it if someone could find that column again. I’ve searched without luck.

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  3. One thing I would vote for is a none of the above button. Nice to see I’m not alone in that. Today’s pics are pretty good, all things considered. Love those tails.

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  4. Upcoming elections scare me. I think the voting system in your country is outdated. As you say, there are 320 000 000 Americans, and most of them are educated, honest, hard working, intelligent. You have plenty of president material to choose from. What is wrong I don’t know. It makes me so upset. I’d better look at your cat pictures 🙂


  5. I wish government were like poker. If it were, I could request a new deck of cards. It would have to be a mighty large deck of cards to replace every politician at every level.


    • Exactly. I also wish libel and slander laws applied to politicians so they had to speak truthfully about their rivals or suffer legal consequences. It would make fact checkers’ lives easier, make it easier to determine which candidates to vote for, and make campaigns less like shooting galleries with no winners no matter who got the most votes.

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    • One shot in 10 I might get him with his eyes open!

      Yes, she does! The boys seem to enjoy the process, though they hate the carrier trip the two blocks to the shop. I’m lucky the groomer and the veterinarian I take them to are very close by. (The veterinarian is five blocks away.)


    • There seems to be a lot of that frustration and fatigue with politics in our world, Michel. I hope all is well in Amiens and the garden is full of bees and butterflies!

      Yes, Dougy looks like a little predator in that position! (Of course, that is exactly what he is!)

      Your other comment got lost when my fumble-fingers accidentally hit “spam”. It had to do with the photo of Andy in another post and how pretty he is. I’m sorry about “spam-listing” that comment, but will comment here. I appreciate all comments I get! Andy turned out to be a very pretty cat, thank you! He and Dougy were so ugly-cute as kittens that I never imagined how pretty they would grow up to be,


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