Post 1126: a busy day…

I visited an old friend in the hospital today. It was an enjoyable time spent talking about pretty much everything. I was encouraged Bob, my friend (and father of my good friend Ralph, the guy in Paris), was healing from a fall that resulted in a broken hip and talking about future plans.

Bob is 90 but he has a future! Keep that in mind if you ever feel down. A positive attitude might not get you to 90, but it makes the road a lot straighter. I felt like I’d been to church, I felt so upbeat after my visit with Bob. And I basically am a positive person.

That means, though, that I didn’t play around and try to correct the problem with my uploading of photos for this blog. (Dougy just stopped by and said “meow” in disappointment because he knows there are hundreds of people who want to know what mischief he and his brother got into today.) I don’t have something new, but I share this with you, more retro kitty photos:

"Mouse turds! He has the camera out!" Dougy realizes he's about to get flashed!

“Mouse turds! He has the camera out!”
Dougy realizes he’s about to get flashed!

Yes, that's Dougy in the cirtcle! Bad kitty! Very bad kitty indeed! He was a classic juvenile delinquent.

Yes, that’s Dougy in the circle! Bad kitty! Very bad kitty indeed! He was a classic juvenile delinquent.

Dougy couldn't can less.

Dougy couldn’t care less.

47 thoughts on “Post 1126: a busy day…

  1. Bob sounds amazing. Broken hips are a problem with older people, so many seem to fade away after an accident like that. He must be a very positive person indeed, hospital visits are not usually so uplifting.

    • Bob is a remarkable man, and I am pleased to have had him as a friend for many decades, thanks to the initial friendship with his equally remarkable son. I don’t usually enjoy hospital visits, but this one was just as I reported in my blog!

    • We’re here to help each other! Or encourage each pother when we notice something of excellence. I enjoy you posts, John! In fact, I encourage readers of this comment to take a look at your blog if they enjoy well-documented and reported history or rare bird occurrences in England.

  2. Dougy and Shoko must be related. I am tired because of worrying about Shoko who slept like a rock beside me last night. I lay down today cause I was falling asleep at the computer. Shoko came in with me and each time I was falling asleep she would tap me on the arm. I finally got up and so did Shoko. She has had her painkiller and is sound asleep in her condo. Think I’m safe to lay down now. Talk more later.


    • I got one last suggestion, and I think it must have done the trick because three photos in today’s post uploaded with no issues and in typical time. I had accidentally turned on a second security program, and the suggestion to turn off my security when uploading m just have had something to do with it. I mean, August 12th, everything loaded just like always, and the next day began the days of hell.

      This morning, I checked all possible security programs (Microsoft, Norton, Kaspersky) to make sure none was working other than the Kaspersky security program. Norton is supposedly deleted; Microsoft supposedly is turned off (but wasn’t); Kaspersky is supposedly the one protecting my nasty computer and is…

      That noted, I hope today’s drama-less upload signals that happy days are here again!

      Incidentally, that is one fantastic birdhouse your two birds get to share!

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