Post 1147: a kitty dreamland of fun…

I’ve spent tons of bucks on kitty toys over the years, yet the toys my cats love most often are the ones that cost little or nothing. A recent example: Dougy went into a fun frenzy when my sister Kathy dangled a drinking straw in front of him! It was as if he were in a kitty dreamland of fun….

91316 dougy's dream encounter.jpg

55 thoughts on “Post 1147: a kitty dreamland of fun…

  1. Sometimes the simplest things make great toys. I found an orange golf ball once when hiking. What it was doing out there is a good question. I brought it in and cleaned it up. The cats love it though!

    • That sort of toy (one they can bat around) is a =favorite here, too. A dropped unshelled walnut turned out to be their favorite of all time, followed by plastic balls with bells in them. I keep finding both under and behind things, where they ended up during play.

    • Absolutely! My cats even invented a toy with a wand toy that I accidentally misplaced, then they found. It’s sort of a keep away game that starts with Andy yowling loudly (he’s usually very quiet) while standing over the toy. That is the signal to Dougy to come running. From there, they ignore the toy, but chase each other back and forth through the apartment. I guess the toy served=s as a gauntlet of sorts.

        • It helps a lot because they can keep each other company. There were two others in their litter, a boy and a girl, who went to a family is South Dakota. The report is the two hate each other! So…I got the two good ones.

          • Mine are male and female. I think he’d be friends. It’s her that won’t allow it. She’s older and had a past life as a stray. She’s not very trusting. She swats him a lot, and then he’ll chase her because he gets fed up. Kitty squabbles.

          • My late ginger tabby cat, Louie, was really sweet as a cat around people, but he had a terrible attitude about other cats. He was a big bully, in fact, toward other cats, and was big enough that he could beat up most other kitties. He, too, had been a stray that I got from the local shelter, so he had an earlier life having to do what it took to get food or shelter.

    • Andy loves pens and pencils. Dougy (as documented here) loves straws and string. Both love knocking over waste paper baskets to find paper to play with. Both love to claim magazines and newspapers for kitty purposes.

  2. Rusty (my profile photo), my Exotic Shorthair of 11 years now, loves straws. It’s one of the toys that gets him most excited. However, they disappear too soon – under couches, wall units, etc. When that happens, he looks up at me, waiting for another one to fall on the floor so he could push it around. 🙂

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