Post 1148: a bit of this and that…

This is a themeless post, with a few photos of both kitties left over from other days or just shot and played with in Photoshop.


Here’s a portrait of wee Andrew. Yes, he is that sweet!91616 andy portrait 3 use me.jpg

My sister Kathy will kill me, but here’s a shot of her tantalizing Dougy with the straw the other day to get him to get his kitty on and play.91616 kathy and dougy withh straw.jpg

Yes, Andy had to sniff the wine glass the other day, but he prefers a good quality ‘nip any day!

91616 andy sniffs wine glass.jpg

Dougy hiding behind a comforter with one of the boys’ favorite Neko toys (the bumblebee), only he’s waiting to ambush Andy. 91616 dougy behind blanket 1.jpg

Here’s a more relaxed Dougy…

91616 reclining dougy 1.jpg

20 thoughts on “Post 1148: a bit of this and that…

    • Je ne suis pas sûr de ce que «pachas» signifie, mais je sais “chats”! Bien que j’utilise Google translate pour répondre aux commentaires dans d’autres langues, l’invasion normande de l’Angleterre en 1066 a laissé assez Norman marques françaises sur l’anglais que je peux souvent comprendre l’essentiel des choses écrites en français. Google translate prend soin de ce que je ne comprends pas. Heureusement, il fait un meilleur travail la traduction française que d’autres langues, donc sentir à l’aise de commenter en français si vous le souhaitez!

      Thank you for seeing how beautiful and sweet the kitty brothers are! They are a joy for me.

    • I was pleased to get nice photos of Andy in decent light for a change. I often have to settle for what I can Photoshop out of photos taken in poor light. Anyway, it’s been a year for irritating computer issues, eh?! I’ve had my share, too, since I got back from my illness and therapy. For example, I worked on this post yesterday morning, around 3 AM. The miserable thing took till last night before the photos finally loaded. Today’s blog’s going to be a retro photo so I don’t have to leave my computer on all day and night to get it to load the photos/photos. (How are your birds doing? Have you taught them any words yet?)

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