Post 1150: “It’s Sunday, man! Let me rest!”

Never mind when they get me up to give them kitty food, Andy and Dougy would rather I didn’t wake them up after they eat and take their kitty naps. (Living with kitties is following their rules!)


Full and sleepy after eating kitty food, Dougy wants to enjoy his nap.


“Don’t make me open the other eye…!” I dare to interrupt Dougy’s nap. Whew!


“Both eyes are open now! Prepare to suffer the ‘Invincible Kitty Death Rays of Retribution and End of Life As You Know It!'” Oh dear! Dougy’s about to activate his laser eyes!

14 thoughts on “Post 1150: “It’s Sunday, man! Let me rest!”

    • Once again, I managed to delete a comment by accident. In regards to your comment about Benji growing up to be a beautiful dog, how true! Annarette is to be commended for getting his as a pup from a shelter, and for seeing his potential as a therapy dog, a “job” for which he is in training now. I will continue to reblog her updates on Benji since I have enjoyed getting to know him through her posts!

      On the other hand, my kitties make their demands well know, if in obscure ways. Today’;s blog deals with Dougy’s demands.

    • I turned on a second light. It takes away an orangish hue that I don’t like about photos in that area, too. Anyway, thanks! Dougy’s true colors show in these photos as well, and that’s difficult to get in photos taken in artificial light.

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