Post 1151: “He’s looking at me…!”

Dougy gets upset when Andy comes near his ottoman, and Andy gets upset when Dougy gets too close to the stacked carriers he likes to use for a sleeping platform.

Though they don’t look to me to resolve their conflicts, they often turn these “intrusions” into a reason to chase the other brother all over the apartment till both are tired or bored with the game. 


“What’s the matter, Dougy?!”


“Andy’s looking at me!!!” 


“You are a big baby, Dougley!  Can’t you see I’m looking at the human?”


“Well, you might be looking at me….!”  

Sometimes I think my cats are like children.


21 thoughts on “Post 1151: “He’s looking at me…!”

  1. I think your cats and mine are just weird! Yours act like kids and so do mine but differently. I”ll be lying in bed reading, out loud to hubby and the girls, the girls laying beside me and Shoko will reach over and push Kali’s foot Kali moves her feet so Shoko reaches over and bats Kali’s tail which starts swooshing back and forth. Shoko likes this action so lays down and bats the tail when it goes by and then Shok finally bites it….end of comfy looking cats. hehe



    • They crack me up! (I accidentally “spammed ” one of your comments before I could read it. I’m sorry because you always make fun or interesting comments. I still don’t know what I’m accidentally hitting that completely wipes out peoples’ comments. If you don’t see a comment and want to make it again, I will respond to it.


    • Mine, too! And they do do some naughty things. My computer chair was a very expensive chair that they started using as a scratching post the first day I got it. It looks like it’s been through the shredder.


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