Post 1152: Time to take your medicine, Andy…

Andy gives me such soulful looks of despair when IΒ catch him to give him his medicine. Tears your heart out, then stomps on it, but he has to have his medicine.


I snatched Andy off the floor when he stopped by for loving…. Whew! That was easy, and now I can get his medicine out of the way for the day.


Then he gives me “The Look”. Awwwww…!

24 thoughts on “Post 1152: Time to take your medicine, Andy…

  1. You have my sympathy, (Andy too but you more). I had to medicate Mi Sun and Simba recently and was so thankful it was the mix in food kind and they are both such chow hounds it went right down.

    • Medicine you mix in food gets rejected here. I guess the react to a different texture or off taste. The liquid form is a tedious kind to give since it involves catching and increasingly experienced and wary kitty, but it assures the cat gets the medication…if you catch the cat!

      • You trying anything to make it taste better. Kali gets Glucosimine tablets each day. I take the powder out of the capsule and put it inside a small hicken slice from the deli. She loves this and gobbles it up. We tried cheese and various things and if she tastes the stuff she won’t eat it. This is a real challenge some days. She is a sucker though. If I tell her how beautiful she is and go on at some length, she’ll finally eat it.

        • It is flavored with chicken, but I think his issue may have more to do with the fact it is cold because the medicine has to be refrigerated. I try shooting a very small amount in his mouth till he’s prepared for more, and that seems to help.

          • That’s a problem…refrigerated things are not met with open paws…fur sure. I can’t think of any way to warm it up either without destroying the med. Kali also takes a pain killer from a syringe….the look on her face tells me it tastes awful but there is no way to make it taste better so a quick squirt and its done.

          • The quick squirt method is one I used, too, but sometimes (with his short muzzle!), I’d squirt it out the other side of his mouth. The short squirts seems to work, though Andy still prefers I not do this anymore.

    • He is a melodramatic puss when I give him his medicines, but I think it’s more the fact that the liquid is cold (the medicine has to be refrigerated) than the taste, which is chicken-flavored.

    • Thanks! Dougy is cute, but I think Andy has a pretty face. Andy eventually gives me the claw if i don’t let him down fast enough after I medicate him, but it usually is putting his paws on my shoulder and digging in, not a defensive thing. Dougy doesn’t require medication, so I don’t know how he’d react. I had to give him eye drops once, and the worse thing i remember was he’d turn his head right at the moment I squeezed the dropper to release the drop!

    • No kidding! I always feel like a mugger when I get that look, but I do give him a lot of loving before and after the medicine so he can associate the experience with something nice, too. Then, too, I give him some kitty treats for being a good boy (which he mostly is).

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