Post 1153: What Dougy wants, Dougy gets…

Dougy wants something from Doug, his human. Hint! Hint! What could that be?

It starts out simply enough with Dougy and Andy perched on favorite pieces of furniture, doing nothing.

92116 alls well in dougylandia.jpg

> Purr! Purr! Purr! <   Dougy seems content…for the moment.


Andy’s also content on the recliner arm…

92116 dougy hints.jpg

Dougy’s sends out hints. (He flexes his extended paw…menacingly!)

92116 andy cant believe his eyes.jpg

Uh oh! Andy gets the point! Will the human?

92116 dougy says dont watch that scritch me.jpg

Dougy gets up to block the television. “It’s all about me! Stop watching that!”

92116 doug figures it out.jpg

“OK, Dougy! I get the message!”

92116 err err dougys scritched.jpg

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” Dougy gets scritched! “Between the eyes now, puh-lease!”

92116 dougy is sated.jpg

Happy kitty, happy home! 

92116 dougy says hint hint.jpg

…and don’t you forget it! 

: (

Sorry for all the updates appearing in your e-mails. I’m having issues with the “improved” editor. It wants to save before I am ready for it to save, then I find out (after I’ve posted) that there are unwanted things posted or things I changed and thought were included in the update that are missing. I HATE THE “IMPROVED” EDITOR!

30 thoughts on “Post 1153: What Dougy wants, Dougy gets…

    • Thanks! Yes, WordPress does. For example, I just hit something that trashes comments, and had to reconstruct one of your comments to answer it. There’;s an Undo function, but it never does. Drives me wild! I can’t figure out what I keep hitting that wipes out comments.

  1. Here is something you might find interesting my friend and if you can use this information then I am pleased and if you need something more let me know and I will try to help.
    You cannot deactivate the new Beep Beep Boop editor but you do not have to use it. For locating the ways and means of accessing the legacy or classic pages for creating posts, editing posts, and viewing stats see here > Navigating the Classic WordPress.COM interface

    On the dashboard of your own blog at
    Dashboard > Posts > All Posts > Add New is where to create posts in the classic editor. If you have cookies enabled on your browser your preference will be saved unless or until your clear your cookies, and it will take you to the classic editor automatically every time you create a new post via the drop-down menu in the black admin bar or edit a post via the edit button on the blog itself.

    • O.K., I see I sent you an unreachable link. Sorry about that. The thing is I never use the “New” editor. I always use the “Old” editor. Go to your admin page and click on “WP admin” and then scroll down to “New Posts” and it should take you directly to the old “Classic” editor. Let me know if this works for you.

    • I use a combination of the old editor, to which I have a link going back to 2009 when I first started the blog, and the new one.

      I try to do everything but adding photos in the old editor, then I save it and go to the new editor using a link the Happy Engineers of WordPress gave me when I had the uploading problem with photos.

      I do like the new editor for uploading photos because I can insert photos into the text before they are fully loaded into the media files. From there, I often have to wait for the full upload before posting.

      The main problem I have with the new editor is the auto-save business. Too often, the save goes on without me being aware of it, and the dang thing saves a version I don’t want. Then, usually after I finally post the miserable thing, I notice the subtle changes that didn’t get saved and have to redo them.

      It is tedious, and this process is like going around the world to get from San Francisco to New York.

      I do like the classic editor for viewing stats, too. The new one seems cleaned up of the interesting features of the old. I don’t know what the Happy Engineers thought they were doing! It isn’t just a bunch of old users being upset about change: There are features in the old editor that are genuinely helpful and simpler to use!

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