Post 1155: Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! Andy smells a stink…

Andy doesn’t share his stacked carrier aerie lightly. Or at all! So he is alarmed when he smells a stink that shouldn’t be there!

92316 1st on fee fie foe fum.jpg

A new smell on his towel. Not good! Not good!

92316 andy ponders.jpg

Grrr! Andy knows that stink: It’s DOUGY!

92316 better andy looks use me.jpg

Andy looks left and right….

92316 third what's wrong.jpg

Grrr! Where is that rascal?

92316 next to last.jpg

Right under Andy’s very sensitive nose!

92316 the end photo.jpg

Dougy feels pretty smug about it. “Made you look, Andy! Hee! Hee!” 

On the other paw, Andy now has the very highly craved walker. Oh Dougy! You played a game and lost! 

“But I got the equally craved kitty lounger! Andy can’t have it all!”

Well played, Dougy.

18 thoughts on “Post 1155: Fee! Fie! Foe! Fum! Andy smells a stink…

  1. Being a little off today I spent the day in my bed – with my female cat on one side and my tom at my feet – I got up when the backaches got too unbearable – returning a little while later, the two lay side by side down at the foot side of the bed. Until she got a little cheeky …

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