Post 1239: We gotta do it, Andy…

Nothing is more pathetic than the looks Andy gives me when he realizes it’s time for his medicine. Regardless, it’s for his best, so I rub his ears and whiskers, talk softly to him, rock him like a baby, then say the five (six?) words he doesn’t want to hear: “We gotta do it, Andy….” 



Poor kitty! (That’s Dougy coming in to the room because he knows Andy gets kitty treats after his medicine. Dougy sneaks a few for himself!


Oh dear! Andy’s laying the “poor kitty” guilt trip on me, and how!


“Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop staring at me, kitty!”


“We gotta do it, Andy!”

After a bit of a struggle, Andy is a good boy, takes his medicine, then hops down to the floor to wait for his kitty treats. Whew! We got through that hassle for one more day!


11 thoughts on “Post 1239: We gotta do it, Andy…

  1. He sure has mastered the look hasn’t he? Maving medicated many cats in many ways, I only wish we could explain to them we are doing it for love.

    • Me, too, Angela. I used to have to wrap him in a towel to give him the medicine. Once he got used to the coddling and soft talk prior to the medicine, he started to be less vigorous in refusing the medicine. He still tries to turn his head away from the syringe, but after the first taste of medicine, he settles down, swallows it like a big kitty, then is patient till I let him down.

    • It is a game Andy and I play,, nd sometimes he manages to avoid his medicine all day. He is borderline on his blood pressure. I had the option of not medicating him or continuing. Given his eyesight and kidneys could be harmed by high blood pressure, I feel the medication is worth the money!

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