Post 1351: Dougy is conflicted…

Dougy wants a little brotherly play, but Andy’s hiding. You know…he hasn’t had his medicine yet! 


No Andy.

What to do? Go looking for Andy? Or stay on the ottoman in case Andy walks by it while he isn’t there to defend his territory?

Dougy is conflicted!


18 thoughts on “Post 1351: Dougy is conflicted…

  1. Hi Dougy & Andy! We look alike! I would love having you as my brokers to play with instead of the Basset Hound! You’re sure cute! Dougy, I would stay on the ottoman if I were you, ’cause it could come in handy for nap time!


    • I think you got his dilemma right, Michel! He views it as a genuine existential problem, silly kitty! Andy is no threat to Dougy’s control of the ottman.

      Je pense que vous avez bien compris son dilemme, Michel! Il le considère comme un véritable problème existentiel, un chat stupide! Andy n’est pas une menace pour le contrôle de Dougy sur l’ottoman.


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