Post 1350: big, fat, fluffy…snow!

March went out like a lion cub here. Yes, we had big, fat, fluffy snow, the favorite of all in this household! Soft, melts pretty much on contact, doesn’t have to be shoveled. What’s not to like? 


The kitty boys are fascinated by snow. They never tire of seeing it, and have loved snow from the first time they experienced it as kittens. The last snow of March was no exception!

Andy led the charge to the door to see the snow, but Dougy came by shortly and took a better look out the door.

Dougy took a easy seat on the box. Andy wandered off to his own better seat, then Dougy left briefly when the snow let up.


Andy climbed on the dining room table to get a better look, but the snow let up before he tried to hop over onto the window sill. Show’s over!

Or is it?! Dougy takes another look.

49 thoughts on “Post 1350: big, fat, fluffy…snow!

  1. Good to see the boys enjoy watching the snow fall. Kitties love that!

    It is in the mid 50s here and sunny today in Oregon. I heard some parts of Connecticut got snow on April 1st.

    • Same here. That’s interesting to realize we at 42.2 degrees N latitude are experiencing the same weather as a country at 64 degrees N latitude! We also have snow in May sometimes! (I once experienced snow here on July 4th, though it melted before it landed on the ground.)

      Sama täällä. Mielenkiintoista huomata me 42,2 astetta N leveysasteen havainneet saman sää maana 64 asteessa N leveysasteen! Meillä on myös lunta saattaa joskus! (Olen kerran kokenut lunta 4. heinäkuuta, mutta se suli ennen se laskeutui maahan.)

        • I’m trying to remember to add Google Translate versions of what I write when the person commenting lives in a different country with a different language. I know that the Google translations are oftentimes poor and oftentimes unintentionally funny, but they are better than nothing!

          Yritän muistaa lisätä Google Translate versioita mitä kirjoitan, kun henkilö kommentoi asuu eri maassa erikielisiä. Tiedän, että Google käännökset ovat usein köyhiä ja Usein tahattomasti hauskoja, mutta ne ovat parempia kuin ei mitään!

          • I know Chinese and Turkish translate in weird ways, and so does Finnish it seems!

            Tiedän Kiinan ja Turkin kääntää outo
            tavalla, ja niin tekee Suomi näyttää!

            Here’s what that translation of English into Finnish looks like when the translated Finnish is translated back into English! LO!

            I know China and Turkey turn a strange way, and so does Finland look like!

    • If I open the back door instead (which I mostly do), they have a small chair and a flower pot they can stand on or share. I have enough clutter by the front door!

      Here’s a video that shows what they have for the back door kitty viewing purposes.

    • Kitty food….! LOL! They are medium size cats, roughly 11 pounds each (4,8-4,9 kilos) or so. I don’t recall exactly how much they weighed last time they had a their veterinarian appointment . Andy s a bit lighter than Dougy, who has a stockier build.

    • That is part of it, I think, because they usually start “exploring” the snow they can see out the window in the door by sniffing at the bottom of the door, where some fresh air comes in. Cats, of course, love to sniff everything. When I return home, the first thing they do is sniff me, my shoes, and my cane. “Ah ha!” they tell each other, “So he was at the grocery store again!” or whatever.

    • We will go back and forth between springlike weather, with rain and warmish weather, to an occasional light rain turning to snow. May 15th is the average date fort the last frost, and the conventional wisdom is you plant your tomatoes on Memorial Day (traditional one, at 31st, not the current one!).

      • Wow, that’s something else. I guess you just enjoy the sun when it comes out. People in the Netherlands never understand why we are not outside when the sun shines. It would mean that we would be totally fried in the summer. Not a good thing either.

        • Yes, the sun is appreciated! I try not to spend too much time in it, especially during the middle of the day because I am prone to sunburn, but the often brutal winters here in the mid continent make warm weather a welcome change and relief!

          (Do you have a Dutch connection I’ve missed? Though the specifics haven’t been settled yet, my Dutch friend Marianne plans on visiting here and our mutual friend Deborah in Maine this September.)

          • I doubt if I can discern the meaning of more than 10% of Dutch. If a word is similar in meaning to a German or English word, that helps. Context helps. Same with French, which I often can stumble through large blocks of text because of the large borrowings in English from that language and Latin. By the same token, I am a terrible language student!

          • I know when I use it on Turkish the results are clearly hit and miss, but the translation is adequate to get the general meaning. I hope and presume people using the translate feature at the top right on my blog now get a general idea of what I wrote, too though I use idiomatic English lots of times.

          • I have used it once in awhile over the last five years including the translation of English to Dutch and I have to say it has improved significantly. You can even help it improve which I have done too.

          • The least used languages I translation are the ones that are the poorest ones in translation. As you note, you can make suggestions for a better translation, and little by little, Google Translate works better for those languages that people have made the most suggestions for better translations.

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