Post 1413: You got me up and that’s all you ate?


Dougy is the main “alarm clock kitty” in this home. After many tries of walking on me, fluffing his tail in my face, kneading my shoulder, and purring in my ear to try to get me up, Dougy finally succeeded.  One thirty is early, but it’s the time Andy and Dougy deem to be “feed the kitty” time. Dougy waited by my bedroom door.


Andy watched by the kitty fountain: kitty food will be ready soon! He is much more polite about getting me up, though he’s begun kneading me, my pillows, and my blanket, too, in an effort to encourage me to get up. I think this behavior change is in response to me sleeping past Dougy’s efforts to get me up lately. Hey! I actually made it to three thirty the other day before Dougy got me up!

Dougy made a short visit to the front door and back to the spot by my bedroom door where he started out instead of heading to the kitty food. He often lets Andy eat first. Andy was ready to eat, though, and headed to the food.

Andy was mostly done on his side since he came over to eat first. Dougy waited a bit before he came over, so barely started eating when I tried to get a photo of both kitties eating.


Oops! Shouldn’t interrupt the kitty boys when they are eating. Please excuse the break in the photo story. No “kitties eating” photo today! 


Not to worry. After a short wait, they both went back and finished their breakfast.

30 thoughts on “Post 1413: You got me up and that’s all you ate?

  1. You get up early…lucky kitties. I can understand getting up and feeding them. Shoko wakes me about 4am…a good whack to the head usually does it but I’m very tired and pet her…she doesn’t want to eat she wants lovin’ I don’t feel especially lovin’ at that time of the morning so pet Shoko and start drifting off…that’s when there is a tap on my shoulder. This goes on for about 15 minutes and I fall asleep. Just like you this is a routine now.


    • When I am really tired, I sometimes sleep past Dougy’s pesting to wake me up. He usually picks up when I won’t wake up and get out of bed for him, and leaves for a later visit.

    • Actually, they are very interested in what I fix, but they are very good about rejecting anything that isn’t genuine cat food of specific forms and brands. They will sniff something, but never eat it, with the exception of albacore (but not much), with the water that comes off it more interesting to them than the meat. I don’t offer them milk, but, as kittens, they got a veterinarian-prescribed cat mother’s milk substitute that looked strange but was very welcome to them.

      • Pooh does that too when she wants me to get up and feed her…not as early as you get woken up though. I would be walking in my sleep if she got me up that early. LOL I was trying to figure out what you feed them by how it looks…have no clue and have not seen food that looks like it…what do you feed them? I have having a real problem right now with Pooh and food and I am running out of ideas. Hugs and nose kisses You all have a wonderful week.

        • That’s a chicken pate (nothing but chicken meat…) that both like. Andy has some food allergies, but this is one that doesn’t affect him. I also feed them a dry food that is also chicken-based that is designed for indoor cats of their age. The wet food I feed twice a day (very early in the AM and roughly 12 hours later). The amount is 1/3 of a 3.5 ounce can (about 1.7 ounces or 33 grams) divided between the two. They fill up on dry food and dental kitty treats during the rest of the day. I am very careful not to over feed them, and one of the first things I ask their veterinarian each time I take them in or during their annual check up is how they are doing as far as weight. So far, they are normal weight for their size. As neutered males, the conventional wisdom is they will get grossly fat, hut the reality is they get that way because some people over-feed their kitties but don’t do anything to make sure they get exercise. Andy and Dougy play well together, and a big part of that play involves chases through the apartment one or two times a day. They even invented a chase game that involves a strip of multicolored cloth as the starting point.

  2. It is very early ! I had a boy-cat who wanted the first meal at – 6.7. a.m and really attacked the toes ! My lady kitties – just now – can wait and it is me who decides. So the days when I sleep a little later, it is all right – ( but there are always ” croquettes ” in a bowl – la patée est un daily treat 🙂 ) amicalement

    • Before i got Andy and Dougy, I oftentimes got up around 12:30AM or so because that was when I wrote letters, listened to music, watched news, and got in the mood to take on my work day. I am retired, so it doesn’t really matter that much when I get up or go to bed, which is oftentimes when I fall in asleep in my chair (and many times before sundown). Andy and Dougy haven’t changed my habits that much.

  3. The cat photo’s look great but the plate looks…uh, a bit gross if you know what I mean. Great story…but my cat doesn’t dare wake me up until after 6:30 a.m. Then I’m happy to oblige! Earlier than that? She might see some water flying her way!! LOL!

    • Not a French restaurant here, and the kitty boys mush their food around with their tongues on top of it. Presentation isn’t am issue with them beyond putting it into a pile that is easier for them to eat. It actually is a pate of chicken meat and smell very tasty.

  4. That is nice of you to get up so early to feed them. Maybe you need a bowl that opens on a timer so you can sleep in 🙂

    • As noted elsewhere, I ordinarily get up fairly early anyway – three might be better – because morning is when I do my blog and respond to comments. Later in the day, I am tied up with other responsibilities and dialysis three days a week.

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